Cloudstone: Wizard Skill Builds and Guide

       They use powerful range magics to defeat their enemies. Primary attribute: SORCERY. If you want to smite enemy hordes with powerful spells from a far and use your wand or staff into tricky cheesy stuff, then you might like this class!

- Wizard Character Class and Skills -

Tier 1
     - Staff Mastery: The percentage return is very low at early or even at mid levels! Leave this
for now because most of the time, you will be casting spells while farming Power with your staff.

     - Firebat: Recommended AOE skill early on. With only 3 second cool down, this skill will be
your damage spammer! Firebats will explode upon contact and will also damage nearby monsters! To optimize it's damage output, use it up close with a melee tank to dish all firebats to the enemy!

     - Bifocals: Leave it for now. The Sorcery increase per point is not that great, maybe later.

Tier 2
     - Power Surge: This is a great skill to have! 1 point is enough but if you need more Power, feel
free to put points. At Lvl 5, Power Surge will have 10 seconds cool down!

     - Ice Spiketopus: With 5 seconds cool down, this is also a good skill for wizards. The
Sorcery multiplier will not increase per point though so maximizing it is really optional, specially for hybrid Wizard builds.

     - Ponderings: Leave it for now. You have Power Surge and your staff anyway, maybe later.

Tier 3
     - Shield Bubble: A very good life saver! 1 point is enough but your choice still. Succeeding
levels will just increase the duration by 1 second. If you have a good amount of Healing Potions (gifts from friends), you can ignore this skill to save up a skill slot.

     - Monocle: Better than Bifocals. +25 Sorcery at level 5.

Tier 4
     - Flame Strike: Good addition to your arsenal of spells with 1.0 Sorcery modifier at Level 5.

     - Focus: +30% Sorcery for 16 seconds at level 5. A great deal at higher levels but not at
lower levels! Maybe when you have about 250+ Sorcery or more to get high percentage return.

Tier 5
     - Pyro Penguin: Summon a penguin that will dish a maximum of 12 hits per monster for 4
seconds! A great skill for defend mission zones too! The Area of Effect will not move after summoning the penguin, so here are some tips to make sure your enemy will stay inside the AOE.
     - Never cast them into fast moving monsters! use other spells instead.
     - Cast the spell directly in front of the target (just before they enter the AOE).
     - When there is a monster inside the AOE, run around the AOE to make them stay inside!
     - If you have a Super Fast weapon, use it to delay their movements inside the AOE.

Other Skills
     - Power Up: Very useful early game. It will make your next normal attack a critical hit! It
consumes only 1 Power with 6 seconds cool down. If you need more slot at higher levels, you might want to discard this.

- Wizard Skill Builds -

Way of the Wizard (Pure Build)
     - Main Equipment Stats to look for: (prioritize from left to right) Sorcery > Armor > Power
equipment stats to fully enhance your spell damages. Collect Healing Potions from your friends or from treasures! You will need them to compensate your low armor.
     - Practice hit and runs and [Shift+Click] to attack off screen enemies and to avoid serious

     - Keep a shield to pair it to your 1 hand Wand or Staff.
     - It's great to have tankers! Summon your friends and let them take some hits for you.

Way of the Wizard (in order)

     - Lvl 2-6: Firebat 5/5
     - Lvl 7: Power Surge 1/5
     - Lvl 8-12: Ice Spiketopus 5/5
     - Lvl 13-16: Monocle 4/5

     - I didn't get Bubble Shield to save a skill slot for HP Potions (get it if you really want to).

     - Lvl 17: Flame Strike 1/5
     - Lvl 18: Power Surge 2/5
     - Lvl 19-21: Flame Strike 4/5
     - Lvl 22: Pyro Penguin 1/5
     - Lvl 23-25: Power Surge 5/5
     - Lvl 26: Monocle 5/5
     - Lvl 27: Flame Strike 5/5
     - Lvl 28-30: Pyro Penguin 4/5

       You may also choose any skills or order that you think is best. Share them below too!

Hybrid Wizard Builds

Cloudstone: Hybrid Wizard Monk Skill Build

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