Cloudstone: Warrior Skill Builds and Guide

       Champions of close quarters combat. Primary attribute: FURY. If you want a character that can crash all enemies up close with high defense and health, then you might like this class!

- Warrior Character Class and Skills -

Tier 1
     - Sword Mastery: The percentage return is very low at starting levels. Start pumping points
here around level 15+ or 20+.

     - Crushing Blow: A must have AOE skill early on! Make this as your first priority! With 0
second cool down, this skill will be your damage spammer! NEW!

     - Grit: Leave it for now, get it later.

Tier 2
     - Enrage: Put at least 1 point here. This will help you gain Power per hit taken! Add more if
you want. At level 5, you can gain 6 Power per hit taken!. It has been nerfed to 25% chance to gain Power but it is still acceptable for mobbing. NEW!

     - Earth Wave: Another great AOE skill that regenerates 20 Power when used! Make sure
to line up your enemies before using this skill to get it's full potential! The Fury multiplier will not increase per point so maxing it is really optional. Put at least 3 points here. The bigger your enemy is, the more spike will hit! NEW!

     - Brawn: Leave it for now. The fury increase per point is not that great, maybe later.

Tier 3
     - Sword Precision: Honestly, I think this skill is far better with Hybrid Monks...

     - Charge: This skill has been buffed so great because it can regenerate 5 power per enemy
hit! Use this first whenever possible before killing your enemies. This will become your main Power generator with 0 Power requirement! A good escape mechanism too. NEW!

     - Berserk: Gives a temporary attack speed and Fury! this one is also a must have skill for
warriors! This will serve as your damage amplifier and Power re-generator while attacking monsters. Time it well with your other skill's power requirement. Best used with fast weapons!
     - With 15 seconds duration and 15 seconds cool down at level 5, this skill is spammable!

     - Toughness: Leave it for now, get it later.

Tier 4
     - Aegis: +5000 Armor! 1 point (5 seconds) is enough for now if you really want to get it. Also
a good escape mechanism but it's cool down is 1 minute! If you have a good amount of Healing Potions (gifts from friends), you can ignore this skill to save up a skill slot.

     - Might: Leave it for now. The fury increase per point is not that great, maybe later.

Other Skills
     - Power Up: Very useful early game. It will make your next normal attack a critical hit! It
consumes only 1 Power with 6 seconds cool down. If you need more slot at higher levels, you might want to discard this.

- Warrior Skill Builds -

Way of the Warrior (Pure Build)
     - Main Equipment Stats to look for: (prioritize from left to right) Armor > Fury > Health
equipment stats  to fully enhance your skill damages and survivability. For accessories, Power is also a good addition.

     - Collect Healing Potions from your friends or from treasures. You will need them since you
don't have healing skills!
     - As mush as possible, avoid getting very slow weapons! It will disrupt your power gain.
     - Keep a wand or staff in your inventory for sniping enemies too! Use the [Shift+Click].

Way of the Warrior (in order)

     - Lvl 2-6: Crushing Blow 5/5
     - Lvl 7: Enrage 1/5 - (although it's only 25% chance, it is still good for mobbing).
     - Lvl 8-12: Earth Wave 5/5 - (3 is enough, but maxing it will give you higher damage output!).
     - Lvl 13: Charge 1/5 - (main Power re-generator!)
     - Lvl 14-18: Berserk 5/5 - (use it before using attack skills for better damage output).
     - Lvl 19-22: Charge 5/5
     - Lvl 23-27: Sword Mastery 5/5
     - Note: I didn't get Aegis to save up a skill slot for Potions (get it if you really want to).

     - Lvl 28-30: You have 3 more skill points of your choice!

       You may also choose any skills or order that you think is best. Share them below too!

Warrior Hybrid Builds

Cloudstone: Critical Based Hybrid Warrior Monk Skill Build


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