Soul Crash: Skill Guide, How to Unlock and Tips

       With the new Soul Crash update, new skills can be learned by unlocking the Skill Shop. Refer below to learn how skills will help your battle play and what skills is suited for you. Good luck playing your favorite action RPG online browser game!

- Soul Crash Skills: The Art of Soul -

How to Unlock the Skill Shop!
     - Requires Lvl 6 and Master Gin's quest.
     - Take the new quest from your quest icons. Then click the "Skill Shop" icon in your game
screen. Simply talk to Master Gin to accept you and to unlock the Skill Shop.

     - Skills are used to modify your default Tag, Counter and Soul battle animations!
     - To equip purchased skills, go to your Character icon > My Skills icon.
     - You are only allowed to equip 1 skill per action command.

     - If you plan to buy some cool skills (most skills are cash), you have to take note of the below

- Skill Variations -
     Note: All skills mentioned below can be found in the Counter section for skill preview.
To learn more about the skills, refer to it's brief description below your game screen.

Number of Attacks
     - Skills like Pinwheel Chop will only strike once, while skills like Astral Split will dish out 3
strikes to your opponent. If you want more damage output, you might want to get skills with multiple attacks.
     - In order to dish all attacks like your Astral Split, position yourself directly in front of your
opponent and make sure that they are in the ground.

AOE of the Attacks
     - Also known as Area of Effect.
     - Skills like Pinwheel Chop's AOE will only damage targets below your character, while skills
like Whirlwind will attack targets from your character's current position and what's in front him or her.
     - Be careful though, because skills that will make you jump might let your enemy escape your
skills's Area of Effect! Specially when they are using skills that will move them forward.

Duration of the Attacks
     - Best for Counter skills! The more duration you have, the more damage you will ignore
because of counter's temporary invincibility!

Effects from Attacks
     - Some skills like Whirlwind will leave your enemy dizzy! Thus giving you more opportunity to

       Always remember that timing and positioning is crucial for this game. One miss will put you
in real danger!

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