Hungry Shark Evolution: Treasure Maps and Locations of the 15 Hidden Sunken Items

       If you are looking for the locations of the 15 hidden sunken items or treasures that can be found in the game Hungry Shark Evolution, then you came to the right place.

       Below you will find a complete edited map showing the locations of the treasures, but to better understand these maps, you should buy the "Basic Map" first!

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- Treasure Maps and Hidden Sunken Items -

Important Notes!
     - I recommended that you buy first the "Basic Map" item from the Shop to easily
understand these maps. While playing, tap on the radar map (lower left corner) to open it.
     - If you don't want to buy the map, and prefer to use the below maps while playing,
then feel free to do so.

     - You can't get all the treasures early game because the game developers designed
that all Sharks will have their own depth limit, so only get what you can, Good Luck!

Legend - Guide
     - Blue Circles: Shows the locations of the Red Dots (Treasures).
     - Red Dots: Shows the specific locations of the Treasures!
     - Treasures near the surface = easier to get.
     - Treasures near the bottom = harder and it might take some time to get.
     - This map is the left most section of the entire map.
     - The treasure (Radio) at the upper right corner is actually located on land, with
those people. To reach that area, let your Shark jump as far as possible to the right (if you are coming from the left), then keep moving towards the center until you reach the Radio.
     - The treasure located at the lower right corner is a "False Teeth". It is somewhat
missable, so just keep you eyes open when you are around that area.
     - The treasure located at the upper left corner will require your Shark to jump 3
times from the right to reach the sunken item.
     - This map is the right most section of the entire map.

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