Pixels: Tips on How To Start Farming - Beginner's Guide

Here are some tips for beginners, on how to start your adventure by learning how to farm and earn berries in the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels (https://www.pixels.xyz).

Refer below to learn how to get your starter tools, where to buy seeds, where to plant them, and how to bookmark farms for easy access later on.
Pixels: How To Farm Fast Berries with Seeds - Beginner's Guide

Where Can I Get Tools and Seeds?

How To Get Farming Tools?

   - Just follow your quests early game to get your free Rusty Watering Can and Shears.

Where To Buy Seeds?

   - For Seeds, while in Terravilla, go to the center area, enter The Buck’s Galore then inside the shop, click the counter table in front of Hazel to purchase seeds.

   - NOTE: You'll be able to unlock more kinds of seeds as you Lvl up your Farming Skill.
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Where Can I Plant Seeds?

Free To Use Farms

Public Farms

   - These are limited lands that can be found around maps or event maps, use them if they have enough space for your needs. Don't worry, crops planted is only visible to you, so go ahead.

Beginner Speck Farms

   - These are small free to play friendly lands that you can buy, listed under the "Land and Travel" icon. You need customize it first though to start planting here, so it might take a while before you can fully use it.

Visit Land Owners

Visit Random Farms

   - In Terravilla, go directly to the east most or west most side of the map, following the rainbow road (to exit Terravilla and enter Farms).

Visit Specific Farms

Pixels - Plots and Farms
   - If you have a friend with a land, you can ask for their Farm Number, then go to the P.L.O.T. Building near the center of Terravilla (just the other side of "The Buck's Galore") and use the Infiniportal inside to enter specific lands using farm numbers.

   - You can find more lands by creating a Discord Account and joining Pixel's Discord Group.

   - If you want to browse specific lands with more details, you can use other tools like this website: Pixels Lookup. Use the the drop down boxes to search based on the type of environment and number of soil for example.
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Types Of Farm Lands

Pixels 3 Types of Environments and Lands

Normal Farm Lands

   - An environment with Green colored lands, most crops can be planted here.
   - You can only Mine Clays on these lands.

Water Type Farm Lands

   - An environment with Blue colored lands, grow your Watermint plants here.
   - You can only Mine Marble on these lands.

Space Type Farm Lands

   - An environment with Purple colored lands, grow your Astracactus plants here.
   - You can only Mine Voidtonium on these lands.
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Bookmarking or Listing Farms

How To Bookmark Farm Lands?

Pixels Sign Board Bookmark
   - IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to Bookmark Farm Lands where you planted your seeds, to keep track and not get lost. To Bookmark, click the sign board near the entrance (with the farm's number).

Create A List If Needed

   - TIP: For Non-VIP players, you can only Bookmark 3 Farm Lands, so I highly recommend creating your own list to also track other lands that you can't bookmark. Include the Farm Number, Time Planted, and Time to Harvest to your list.

How To Enter These Lands Again?

   - Click the "Lands and Bookmarks" icon (upper left corner of screen) then check Bookmarks.
Pixels - Plots and Farms
   - Visit the P.L.O.T. Building near the center of Terravilla and use the Infiniportal inside to enter specific lands.
   - You may also use other methods like riding Hot Air Balloons (can be found from other maps if available).
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Farming Basics

   - To start planting, select the seed from your inventory and click the plot of soil on the ground, water them then wait. Once they are fully grown, select your Shears and click on the crop to start collecting.

   - NOTE: For Grumpkins, you need to water them twice, after planting then around 1 Hour and 30 Minutes remaining (halfway point) or else they are going to die after a few hours!
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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Tips on How To Start Farming - Beginner's Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.