Pixels: Wine Not? Popberry Wine Quest - How To Complete

Here are some tips on how to complete the "Wine Not? Popberry Wine Quest" using the best methods (less resources possible) in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels.

How To Trigger Quest: Go to the south west area of Terravilla then go inside the Drunken Goose, talk to Goose to start the quest. You'll need 24 bottles of Popberry Wines to complete this quest.
Pixels Winery For Wine Making

Wine Not? Popberry Wine Quest


   - 24 Popberry Wines = 576 Popberries, 72 Honey, 240 Cooking Mix.
   - 1 Popberry Wine = 24 Popberries, 3 Honey, 10 Cooking Mix.

   - Cooking Mix = 10 Berries each (Buck's Galore Shop).
   - Estimated Total Cost = Around 3,000 to 5,000 Berries, plus 4 Queen Bees (1,000 Berries each from the Buck's Galore Shop, cheaper from other players or from the Marketplace).

   - Reward = 4,560 Berries and 2 bottles of Popberry Wines (keep the wines for the next quest).

How To Make Wines?

Pixels WineryPixels Popberry Wine
   - The Winery is located south west of Terravilla, you can use Wineries from other lands as well.
   - You can make Popberry Wines right away, keep going until you reach Beverage Master Skill Lvl 8 to unlock Butterbrew Wines.

How To Use Queen Bees and Harvest Honey

Pixels Queen BeePixels Honey
   - Buy 4 Queen Bees to harvest Honey, unless you can get them free from events. 3 Queen Bees are enough for the entire quest series, the 4th one is to speed up the process and the excess Honey is for other things.
   - Note that you'll eventually get back all of your Queen Bee investment as you complete more quests, so it's fine.

   - TIP: I would recommend finding a land with x4 Apiaries and 1 Coop (for Chickens later on).

   - TIP: If you want to look for farms with multiple Apiaries for your Queen Bees and Honey harvesting, try to use this useful tool: Pixels Lookup. Do not forget to "Bookmark" or "List" the land by clicking the sign board near the entrance (with the farm's number).
Pixels Apiary with Queen Bees and Honey
   - NOTE: You can't take back Queen Bees when placed, 1 Apiary can produce 3 Honey every 45 minutes for 2.5 Energy. You can harvest 100 times or more per Queen Bee or Apiary but after 100 harvests, there is a chance that the Queen Bee would die.
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Method A: Do Everything

Plant and Harvest Everything

   - Estimated Total Cost = Around 3000 Berries
   - Estimated Energy = Around 2000 Energy
   - The reward is kinda low for the task because the real loss here is the Total Energy you consumed which could give you more Berries if it's saved and used for farming Watermints instead for example.

Complete The Quest

   - If you don't mind losing the chance of getting more Berries to reduce costs, or can't use the marketplace/can't trade, then just follow the requirements and get your reward.

Pixels Popberry WinePixels Popberry Wine
   - IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT consume or sell your 2 Popberry Wines given as a reward, keep it instead for the next quest to save you time, effort, and Berries.
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Method B: Buy Most Items

Buy From Other Players or From the Marketplace

   - Estimated Total Cost = Up to 5000 Berries
   - Estimated Energy = 0 or 60 Energy
   - This is a better method to complete this quest. Total Cost is higher than the reward, but you can save up to 2000 Energy which would give you a chance to get back the Berries you've spent (by farming Watermints for example). If you can buy cheap items, it is possible to complete this quest at almost 0 Cost and 0 Energy after rewards!

   - NOTE: You can only buy in the Marketplace or do P2P trades after reaching the required "Reputation Score" in-game. Go to the Marketplace (upper area inside the Buck's Galore) to buy or check prices. When buying, go for prices that are lower than the price in the Marketplace or Shops (find good deals).

Buy All Popberries and Complete The Quest

Pixels Popberry
   - Buy Popberry = 4.5 Berries or lower is a good deal, ok until 4.9 Berries. If prices are 5.4 or higher, you can consider using Method A above, the difference is not much.
   - Buy Cooking Mix = 10 Berries each from The Buck's Galore.
   - Follow the requirements, and get your reward.
Pixels Popberry WinePixels Popberry Wine
   - IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT consume or sell your 2 Popberry Wines given as a reward, keep it instead for the next quest to save you time, effort, and Berries.

Should I Buy Honey?

Pixels Honey

  - I would NOT recommend buying Honey, use this chance to gain XP for your Beekeeping Skill instead, but if you really want to speed up the process then go ahead and buy some.

Should I Buy Popberry Wines?

   - Do NOT buy Popberry Wines for this quest, you need to level up your Beverage Master Skill to unlock more recipes for the next quests.
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That's it guys, thank you for checking our Wine Not? Popberry Wine Quest - How To Complete Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.