Pixels: How To Get More Energy - Beginner's Guide

Here are some tips on how to gain more Energy to play more in the building platform, simulation, and adventure game - Pixels (https://www.pixels.xyz).

NOTE: Changing Maps like going inside buildings, to a new map, or to another land would consume 0.50 Energy, but you can get a "Passive Energy Gain" +0.33 Energy per minute or 20 Energy per hour (offline or online).
Pixels Sauna Energy Regen

Common Ways To Gain Energy

The Sauna

   - Located at the west side of Terravilla, right next to the P.L.O.T. Building.
  -  Using the Sauna would let your gain +4 Energy per minute (total of 240 per day, no need to track the time, just go once a day, same time if possible). Note that you need to remain online to continue getting Energy here.

Sauna VIP Lounge

Pixels VIP Sauna
  - Using the VIP Lounge would let you gain an additional +400 Energy by pressing the coals at the center every 8 hours (can potentially get 800 or 1200 Energy per day).
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Calendar Events (Energy Events)

Pixels Event Calendar Location
   - Check the Calendar of Events at the center of Terravilla. Note that the exact time differs depending on your Time Zone, you need to check and adjust to find the exact schedule of event (can be +1hour or -1hour for example).

   - You can also get better info and real-time announcements by creating a Discord Account and joining Pixel's Discord Group.

Energy Parties

   - When the event starts, a purple portal would appear at the center of Terravilla. This portal would take you to a specific land where you can gain more Energy (lasts for 1 hour). Note that sometimes the Energy Party would take place somewhere around Terravilla or anywhere in the game.

   - TIP: Before the event starts, I would recommend that you consume most of your Energy. Also prepare some seeds in case you need to consume some (can gain 1000+ Energy here).
Pixels Purple Portal For Energy Parties
   - TIP: If your are getting long loading times, you can go to the P.L.O.T. Building near the center of Terravilla before the event starts, and use the Infiniportal inside to enter specific lands (check Farm ID from the Event Calendar).
   - You may also use other methods like riding Hot Air Balloons (can be found from other maps if available).

Enter The Theatre During AMA Sessions

   - Check the Event Calendar or Pixel's Discord for schedule (similar to Energy Parties).
   - Before the event starts, go to the north west area of Terravilla and enter the Theatre building, wait for the popcorns to pop out, then click the microphone to watch the AMA while gaining Energy.
Pixels Theatre Energy AMA Party
   - Make sure to consume most of your Energy before going in, to stay longer and get more Energy (around 700+ Energy).
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Consume Food or Wine For Energy

Cooking Food or Brewing Wine For Energy

   - Most recipes in the game would not let you get a notable amount of Energy without a catch, you'll always trade something like thousands of Berries and/or an almost the same amount of Energy. It's good though if you are doing quests or leveling up certain Skills for example.

Buying Food or Drinks For Energy

   - If you are buying them from other players or from the Marketplace, hoping to gain more Berries from that Energy, I would recommend that you calculate the Cost and Berries that you can potentially gain from that Energy first ~ if it's way lower than your buy price then it's not worth it.

   - NOTE: Most players are buying them though to complete quests or to grind XP for certain Skills for example, so it's up to you. Price varies depending on supply and demand.

Example: Energy Drink (50 Energy)

Pixels Energy Drink
   - With 4 Energy Drinks = 200 Energy, you can plant exactly 25 Watermints and gain 300 Berries after harvest, so the estimated fair price of Energy Drink using this approach is 75 Berries each (most likely during events where supply is good), try to buy them lower from other players if you want to earn more Berries, unless you think it's ok to spend more Berries for the task you want to do.

Example: Popberry Wine (77 Energy)

Pixels Popberry Wine
   - With 8 Wines = 616 Energy, you can plant exactly 77 Watermints and gain 924 Berries after harvest, so the estimated fair price of Popberry Wine using this approach is 115.5 Berries each (note though that the sell price of Popberry Wine to shops is 190 Berries so it is most likely that you'll never get them at a fair price).
   - TIP: I would suggest NOT buying this item for Energy + Berry farming because you'll lose Berries! (unless you can find something way better than Watermints). It might be ok to buy the item for certain quests instead or for grinding XP if needed (up to you though if the price is worth it).
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Other Limited Events

Events That Gives Energy

   - Energy is a very important thing in this game so always take advantage of it once the opportunity presents itself. Learn how the event or mini game works and grab all of those Energies! Good Luck! ^^

   - Some events would also reward you Food, Wine, Drinks, or any item that can give you Energy.
That's it guys, thank you for checking our How To Get More Energy - Beginner's Guide for the building platform, simulation, and adventure PC browser game - Pixels.