Darkness Rises: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Here's a list of guides for the hack and slash action adventure RPG mobile game - Darkness Rises. Available to download from the iOS App Store and Android Google Play.

Darkness Rises is a new revolutionary Action RPG mobile game that blends gorgeous graphics, innovative game play experience, and intense boss battles, all within the palm of your hands.

Conquer the darkness before it conquers you!

Darkness Rises: FAQs, Tips, and Strategy Guides List

Beginner's FAQs, Tips, and Guides

Quick Beginner's Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

   - Character Selection
   - Character and Gear Enhancing Guide
   - Costumes and Other Enhancements.

PVP Guide and Skill Builds

PVP Guide and General Skill Builds (PVP and PVE)

   - Skill Upgrading Guide
   - Quick Tips for Duel PVP and Team PVP.

Best Character Class in the Game for PVP

PVP and PVE Character Skill Builds

   - Please note that the suggested skill builds above are not the only way to play these character classes, also combine with other unlockable skills at later stages of the game.

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