Darkness Rises: Wizard Class PVP-PVE Skill Builds and Combos

Here's a skill build and combo patterns for players playing Wizard class in Darkness Rises, a hack and slash action adventure Android and iOS mobile game.

Wizards - A powerful mage who uses an enchanted staff to cast spells, Commands the elements, excelling at ranged combat.

Important Notes

   - Please refer to this guide first because I will no longer explain some things here including Skill upgrading, PVP Duel or Team Tips, Player Skill importance and more.
   - Link Here: Darkness Rises: PVP Guide and General Skill Builds (PVP and PVE)
Darkness Rises: PVP-PVE Skill Builds and Combos

PVP Skills: Damage Output and DPS Ratings

Damage Output

   - Web Trap (Full):   375% (15 Seconds) =   25
   - Arcane Orb:   300% (11 Seconds) =   18.2  Buffed!
   - Poisonous Stranglethorn:  300% (14 Seconds) =   21.4  Buffed!
   - Judgement Flash:   300% (17 Seconds) =   17.6

   - Lightning Grip:   250% (8 Seconds) =   31.3  Buffed!
   - Frost Wave:   250% (13 Seconds) =   19.2
   - Meteor Flurry:   250% (16 Seconds) =   15.6
   - Pulverizing Wave:   250% (16 Seconds) =   15.6

   - Blade Tornado:   200% (20 Seconds) =   10
   - Web Trap (Half):   187% (15 Seconds) =   12.5

   - Scatterspell:   150% (18 Seconds) =   8.3  Buffed!

*Web Trap (Half): Targets can flee by dashing out of the Web Trap, even after a stun.

DPS Ratings (Base Damages Only)

   - Lightning Grip:   250% (8 Seconds) =   31.3  Buffed!
   - Web Trap (Full):   375% (15 Seconds) =   25
   - Poisonous Stranglethorn:  300% (14 Seconds) =   21.4  Buffed!

   - Frost Wave:   250% (13 Seconds) =   19.2
   - Arcane Orb:   300% (11 Seconds) =   18.2  Buffed!
   - Judgement Flash:   300% (17 Seconds) =   17.6

   - Meteor Flurry:   250% (16 Seconds) =   15.6
   - Pulverizing Wave:   250% (16 Seconds) =   15.6
   - Web Trap (Half):   187% (15 Seconds) =   12.5

   - Blade Tornado:   200% (20 Seconds) =   10
   - Scatterspell:   150% (18 Seconds) =   8.3  Buffed!

*Web Trap (Half): Targets can flee by dashing out of the Web Trap, even after a stun.

Wizard PVP Skill Build and Combos

Darkness Rises: Wizard Class PVP-PVE Skill Builds and Combos

Duel PVP Skill Build

Duel PVP Main Combo and Nuke Skills

Darkness Rises: Lightning Grip

Main Combo Skill: Lightning Grip

   - Low base damage output but this is our key skill for our DPS type Wizard! It's short cool-down will allow us to use combo skills every 7~10 seconds (depends on upgrades), increasing the skill's DPS potential!
   - Lightning Grip's range is pretty good! Use this as your Initiator Skill to connect your nukes and stun skills.

   - Learn how to use and connect your Lightning Grip, anticipate enemy movements, and bait attacks to open up opportunities.

   - One way is to move until you see the opponent right at the edge of the screen, then quickly move forward for a few steps then execute.
   - Easier against non moving foes like other Wizards who likes to spam auto attacks.
   - Lightning Grip can also be used right after the enemy dashes or use any skill, just time it well.

   - Note: Do not spam all 3 skills below, just alternately use Judgement Flash and Scatterspell, together with Lightning Grip. Unless you need 1 more skill to get the win.
   - As much as possible do not go for "spam skills match" because Wizards have lower base Defense and HP stats, just dash away and attack them instead from a ranged position.

Darkness Rises: Lightning GripDarkness Rises: Judgement Flash

2 Skills Combo #1: Lightning Grip > Judgement Flash

   - Judgement Flash is a long in-line AoE skill, perfect with Lightning Grip. Do a quick AA if enemy is pinned to the wall and while in the air.
   - After this combo, wait for your Lightning Grip to cool-down, then use the next combo below.
Darkness Rises: Lightning GripDarkness Rises Scatterspell

2 Skills Combo #2: Lightning Grip > Scatterspell > AA > AA

   - Scatterspell is your stun skill and also works great with Lightning Grip, best done at mid range to sink in fast. Once stunned, go and spam your Auto Attacks!
   - Note: In case the enemy learned your pattern, mix in your Scatterspell with AAs.
   - If your Judgement Flash is also available, use it while the enemy is stunned for even more damage!
   - After this combo, wait again for cool-downs and use combo 1 above.

   - The best thing about this skill build is that, it is so much easier to connect. Overall DPS is also great, including all those AAs that you can do.

Wizard's Auto Attacks

   - Skill Combos will also include potential Auto Attacks (AA) for extra damages. Wizard's AAs are long ranged so also use those to your advantage, but be careful and follow our tips below:

   - Use AAs after dodging an attack, best done against enemies using long skill animations.
   - Use AAs if you are sure that your enemy's long ranged skills are in cool-down.
   - Use AAs if the enemy is stunned.

   - Do not spam AAs if they are using Block, they are trying to get the timing to Counter you, but use this chance to bait their block, and use your Lightning Grip, those last hits will sometimes connect.
   - Do not use AAs if you know they still have a long ranged skill (especially those dashing/stun skills), dodge or block them first.

Other Skills

Darkness Rises Arcane Orb
   - Arcane Orb is now a possible substitute for Scatterspell because it got buffed and it can move faster! Use it to increase your overall DPS!

   - Pulverizing Wave can also sub Scatterspell, but sometimes it's range isn't long enough to connect 100%, especially when the target is a bit far. Moving forward will let your enemy dash away.

   - Other skills are usable too, depending on your preference or play style.
   - For now, only focus on few skills first during early to mid game for all around use, to maximize your Skill Points.
   - Learn other skills that you like at later levels, since you'll be able to max them all out anyway.
   - Feel free to share your thoughts too. ^^
Darkness Rises: Block and Counter

Block, Counter and Dodge

   - These 3 are still the best skills to master for PVP.

Team PVP Skill Build

Wizard's Auto Attacks

   - Wizard's 3rd Auto Attack can push and "ring out" enemies near those edges.

   - Use your range to your advantage especially those areas where you can snipe enemies through walls or obstacles. Spam your AAs to support your teammates, but watch out for incoming attacks and quickly use block or dodge.

   - Use after dodging an attack, best if they are using a skill with long animation!

   - Use it to fend off other players who are trying to get to the Ultimate Orb spawn point, but still be careful and use Block when the Orb is about to spawn (make sure to stand where it should pop out).

Team PVP Main Combo and Nuke Skills

Darkness Rises: Lightning Grip - Darkness Rises: Judgement Flash - Darkness Rises Arcane Orb

Main DPS Type Skills: Lightning GripJudgement Flash, and Arcane Orb

   - For Wizards, you don't want to stand too long chaining your skills, because you are an easy target, and also squishy. So the best method for playing this skill build during Team PVP is to go all out and spam them once they are available!
   - These skills have great in-line range and AoE, very ideal for Wizards. The best way to use them is to target enemies that are about to use their skills, this way you can get better accuracy. Support your teammates from a distance by attacking enemies that are attacking them!

   - No need to stick to combos but just in-case:
   - Combo: Lightning Grip > Judgement Flash > Arcane Orb (or any way you like).

   - Arcane Orb
   - Good DPS, cool-down, and AoE range, you can safely use this skill even if you have low health, also nice against chasers and for clearing enemies near the Ultimate Orb spawn point.

Quick Tips for Wizards:
   - Unlike Duel PVP, Team PVP will give you a lot of opportunities to accurately use your skills. The best way is to always go where your teammates are, because it is easier to target enemies that are doing combos or AAs.
   - You can also get a lot of Assist Points by doing this.

   - Try to stay at the bottom half area of the map, to get a clear view and advantage over others when spamming skills.

   - Do not waste your skills chasing someone because your skills aren't built for it, unless of course they are running directly towards you for easy targeting, or if you have good anticipation skills (use Arcane Orb).

Team PVP Alternative Skill Selection

Darkness Rises Pulverizing Wave

Pulverizing Wave

   - This is also a nice alternative to Lightning Grip, to increase your AoE potential but overall DPS will go lower.

Darkness Rises Scatterspell


   - Still a good skill for this build, but the problem is, it will significantly lower your overall DPS.
   - Ok for "Ring Out" plays: Stun > Lightning Grip or Judgement Flash.

Other Skills

   - Other skills are usable too, depending on your preference or play style.
   - For now, only focus on few skills first during early to mid game for all around use, to maximize your Skill Points.

   - I did not mention them all because some of them are hard to execute or use with other skills, the risk isn't worth it because you need to use them almost at melee range, or they are more effective against weaker opponents.
   - Learn other skills that you like at later levels, since you'll be able to max them all out anyway.
   - Feel free to share your thoughts though. ^^
Darkness Rises:  PVP-PVE Skill Builds and Combos

Team PVP Alternative Skill Builds

   - Here's another approach that I use for Team PVP because they give higher DPS output! Note that the above build is still viable for late game, these are just alternatives to also try other skills.

2-1 Skills Combo: Alternative Builds

Darkness Rises Meteor FlurryDarkness Rises: Judgement Flash

Main 2 Skills: Meteor Flurry > Judgement Flash(Solo Skill: Any!)

   - These 2 alone can give a nice DPS with extra Def Reduction debuff, they almost have the same cool-down so they can also go hand in hand (use them as your 2 Skills Combo).
   - Upgrade and max them both as you go.
   - What we just need now is a solo skill that we can use every time it is available. Depending on your preference or play style, pick any skill that you like at this point of the game.

3rd Skill Selection (Solo Skill):

   - Any skill will do but preferably, go with a skill that has high DPS rating (check skill list above for reference). DPS is one key and even better if the skill can also do more things like Debuffs, AoE range, Nuke potential, How easy to use, and more.
   - Note: Solo skill is your cast when ready skill, no combos needed unless you get the chance.
   - Upgrade and max as you go.

Darkness Rises: Web Trap

Web Trap

   - Even if you can only deal half of it's damage, this skill would still get a good overall DPS when paired with the 2 main skills above, even better if you can catch 2 or 3 enemies inside it.
   - These 3 skills when chained can go up to 925% of base damage output every 15~17 seconds, the best nuke in the game if you can sink all damages!

   - Web Trap requires that you have a good anticipation skills, like where the clash would be likely at and when will enemies chain their combos, these is where you can cast Web Trap at it's full potential.
   - One is to cast right before the Ulitmate Orb appears, most enemies will come and try to get it, use this as an opportunity to get damages and also secure the Orb.
   - Always run to your teammates, and cast it while enemies are doing combos (or about to).

Darkness Rises: Frost Wave

Frost Wave

   - Nice skill if you like "Ring Out" plays, getting this will give you a nice balanced build: High DPS, Nuke, Debuff, and Ring Out potential. You need to get closer though so be careful, use your teleport to sneak behind targets standing near those edges.
   - A mini version of your ice ultimate haha, but still good for grouped targets!

Darkness Rises: Lightning GripDarkness Rises Arcane Orb or Darkness Rises Pulverizing Wave

Lightning Grip, Arcane Orb or Pulverizing Wave

   - These can be used as your solo skills as well with high DPS contribution, pick one and just spam whenever it's ready!
   - Arcane Orb got buffed so using it with Meteor Flurry and Judgement Flash above would net you 850% base damage every 15~17 seconds, an excellent nuke build
   - Pulverizing Wave together with the 2 main skills above can also dish out high damage output at 800% base damage every 15~17 seconds.
   - Example combo if available: Meteor Flurry > Pulverizing Wave > Judgement Flash

Other Skills

   - Other skills are usable too, depending on your preference or play style.
   - Learn other skills that you like at later levels, since you'll be able to max them all out anyway.
   - Feel free to share your thoughts though. ^^

PVE Skill Build

   - Once you figure out what to use for PVP, you can now easily select which PVE skills to get.
Darkness Rises PVE Skill Builds

DPS Ratings (Base Damages Only)

   - Pulverizing Wave + Lightning Grip:   270% + 230% (14 seconds) =   35.7
   - Blade Tornado + Frost Wave:   270% + 230% (17 seconds) =   29.4
   - Judgement Flash + Meteor Flurry:   330% + 230% (20 seconds) =   28
   - Web Trap (Full) + Poisonous Stranglethorn:   300% + 260% (20 seconds) =   28
   - Web Trap (Half) + Poisonous Stranglethorn:   150% + 260% (20 seconds) =   20.5
   - Scatterspell + Arcane Orb:   270% + 270% (17 seconds) =   31.8

*If you trigger Poisonous Stranglehorn right away, Web Trap will not deal 100% of it's damage. Do some normal attacks first before triggering, but sometimes it would still auto trigger!

PVP and PVE Skill Build (All Around Use)

   - As much as possible only focus on 3 skills trees for both PVP and PVE to maximize your Skill Points, especially early to mid game.
   - Try other skills once your main skills are maxed.
   - Based from the recommended PVP skills above, use and upgrade the following skills.

1) Pulverizing Wave + Lightning Grip

   - Max Lightning Grip.
   - Upgrade Pulverizing Wave if used for Team PVP, cap it around Lvl 30~45 first (multiples of 3).

2) Judgement Flash + Meteor Flurry

   - Judgement Flash is your main nuke skill, max it!
   - Only upgrade Meteor Flurry if you need more fire power for PVE (cap it first to 9~30, multiples of 3). If used for Team PVP, max it but cap it first to Lvl 30~45 (multiples of 3).

3) Scatterspell + Arcane Orb

   - Upgrade Arcane Orb if used for Team PVP, but place a cap up to Lvl 30~45 first (multiples of 3) to save up SP for your Main Skills.
   - Max Scatterspell if used for Team PVP, otherwise just cap it first to Lvl 30~45 (multiples of 3).

Preferred Skill Still Unlocked?

   - In case the skill isn't unlocked yet, just go for any skill for now, but do not upgrade them. Note that it is best to use a temporary Skill with a Combo Skill unlocked for PVE because of higher damage output (250% + 200% is better than using a single 300% upgraded skill for example).

Final Notes

   - Please note that this is not the only way to play Wizard, also try other skills as well since you can max them all in the end.
   - If you find any discrepancies with the skill info above (base damage or CD) due to game update patches, please notify us, thanks.
   - Hope you find our skill build useful, good luck! ^^

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