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Wind Runner is an epic action and arcade endless running game presented by WeMade Entertainment CO., LTD. Available on Android - Google Play, iOS - App Store, and Facebook. Challenge your friends and test your skills to the limit in this charming endless dashing game, and it's not just about running - collect pets and mounts to join you in your travels through a gorgeously realized world!
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Wind Runner General Game Guides -

Quick Walkthrough Guide
- For Android, iOS, and Facebook
- How to Reset Wind Runner
- Daily To Do List and Notable Tips

How to Get High Scores and Win Leagues
- Join the Weekly Leaderboards!
- How to Set High Scores
- Tips for Winning Leagues

Guide to Summoning and Combining Pets
- Success Chances for Summoning New Pets
- Step by Step Guide to Combining Pets
- Success Chances for Combining Pets
Does the game require an Internet connection?
   - Guest Mode does not require an Internet connection. However, features including Facebook Connect, Friend Invitation, Shoe Request, Gifting, Sharing, and In-app Purchase require a working Internet connection.

What are Shoes?
   - Shoes are tokens to play the game - each run consumes a pair of Shoes.

What if I run out of Shoes?
   - One Shoe is regenerated every 10 minutes.
   - Friends can gift each other a Mystery Box, which may contain Shoes, every 6 hours for free.
   - Players can send requests to their friends for free Shoes.
   - Shoes can be purchased using Rubies.

Where are my Gifts?
   - Gifts are stored in MESSAGE box.
   - There is a limit of 50 messages stored, and gifted Shoes will be deleted if it exceeds 3 days since received.

What are Social Points?
   - Players gain Social Points by sending Shoe Requests, Gifting, and Inviting Friends. Upon receiving 100 Social Points, the player will receive a special prize! The amount of Social Points can be tracked using the Social Point progress bar located under the Weekly Ranking list.

What are Stars?
   - Star is the basis of your final score in each run. The more Stars you collect in a run, the higher the final score will be.

What is Star Bonus?
   - When you successfully collect a full cluster of Stars without leaving any stars behind, you will gain Star Bonus. Each cluster has different number of stars so each cluster gives you different number of Star Bonus. The Bonus will quickly be displayed right under your score in game!

What are Wing Stars?
   - Wing Stars will appear by chance when a monster is defeated. Wing Stars are worth a lot more points than normal Stars, but they are harder to catch.

What is Fever Time?
   - As the character collects more stars, the gauge in the lower center of the screen will be filled. As soon as the gauge reaches 100%, the character will run into a bonus level filled with sizzling rewards, where you will be able to run without any obstacles or interruptions!

How can I run further and get higher scores?
   - The bottom point is, - the more you practice, the better you will get! In addition, purchasing and upgrading your Characters, Mounts, and Pets will greatly help you as you progress through the game.

How can I get more free Gold?
   - By default, the further you run, the more Gold you will receive.
   - Increasing your overall Gold Bonus +% will also increase your Gold gain per run.
   - Gold can also be earned via gifts, in-game rewards or purchases (optional), and more.

Will my information be saved if I accidentally delete the application?
   - If you have connected using Facebook, all your data is stored in the server. Please make sure to login using your previously connected Facebook account so that the next time you install and run the game, your information related to that account will appear.

The game does not run!
This could be caused by a number of reasons. Here are some troubleshooting tips.
   - Make sure the game server is not under maintenance. The game should tell you it's under maintenance after you run the app.
   - If you are logged in using Facebook, please make sure your device is connected to the Internet.
   - Kill the app process and run the app again.
   - Restart your device.

The game runs now, but it lags!
   - Some players may experience lag when there are too many actions happening on the screen. The game offers an option for such situations. Please try using the "Lo-spec" mode under the options menu.

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