Tower of Saviors: How to Farm or Get Free Diamonds - Early Game Farming Guide

Here's a game guide on how to get or farm Diamonds in the Action RPG puzzle card game - Tower of Saviors, available on Android Google Play and iOS App Store (mobile devices). Diamonds are used to
draw Seal Cards, expand inventory slots, expand friends list, refill Stamina, or continue a lost battle.

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- Recommended for Early Game Diamond Farmers -

For early game Diamond farmers, only use your Diamonds for drawing Seal cards, expand your inventory only if you really need to.

Tutorial  Reward
   - After the tutorial, you'll get free 5 Diamonds, popularly used for drawing a starter card.

Daily Login Rewards
   - Login to the game everyday to get free Diamonds at certain number of days. Claim them under the Community section.

   - 2nd Login Day: 2 Diamonds
   - 5th Login Day: 2 Diamonds
   - 10th Login Day: 5 Diamonds
   - 20th Login Day: 5 Diamonds
   - 50th Login Day: 5 Diamonds
   - 100th Login Day: 10 Diamonds
   - 150th Login Day: 10 Diamonds
   - 200th Login Day: 10 Diamonds
   - 250th Login Day: 10 Diamonds

Special Events and Compensations
   - Players will receive more free login rewards during Special events or occasions. Don't worry, Madhead is so generous because they do release at least 1 or 2 Diamonds almost everyday! In a long run, this is by far the best way for free users to earn Diamonds in the game.
   - Although it's rare, the game will also reward all players that are affected during server issues or from other matters, as compensation.

Unleashing Seals (one time only)
   - Break the Seals in the Enochian Tower to receive at least 2 Diamonds per Seal.
Island Clearing Rewards (one time only)
   - Clear all Island stages around the Enochian Tower to receive 1 Diamond per completion.
   - 5 Diamonds per rotation.

Lost Relic - [Instant Battles] (one time only - resets after expiration)
   - This is by far the fastest way to get Diamonds, especially for early game farmers.
   - Instant battles can be found in the Lost Relic at the top left corner of the world map. To identify them, look for the alternating or blinking "Instant Battle" and "Time Remaining".

   - Instant Battles are a type of special battles where players are rewarded with 1 Diamond upon completion. They are available for 2 times a day, each lasts for 1 hour only. Don't miss them!
   - You can get 2 Diamonds a day or easy 14 Diamonds under a week just by doing this. Note that there are 14 types of Instant Battles, once cleared, you can no longer get any Diamonds.

   - Notable Tips:
   - Select the cogwheels at the upper right corner, go to "Announcements" then check their specific time under Battle Highlights, note that their time slots changes everyday. Edit your settings to get push notifications from the game to keep an eye on the time slots of the Instant battles!
   - Make sure you have enough Stamina before the time comes (10 minutes = 1 Stamina).
Lost Relic - Infinite Transmigration (one time only - resets after expiration)
   - The one with 0 Stamina and 5 Battles. Clear this stage one time to get 1 Diamond. If cleared, you can't get any Diamonds for now until next week.
   - This one should be easy even for early game Diamond farmers. For the other Infinite Transmigration battles, skip them for now until you have a better team.

Lost Relic - Daily Battles (one time only - resets after expiration)
   - Identified with a blinking "Today's Battles". This one requires you to reach and complete at least the Master level to get 1 Diamond, so build up your team or any side deck team if you want to do this. If cleared, you can no longer get any Diamonds.
   - Just try what you can, some are easy, some are not - depending on the featured Daily battle.
   - Note that Monday's Daily Battle doesn't have a Master level.

Lost Relic - [One-off Battles]
   - Event based battles that will also give 1 Diamond after completion, after that, the battle will disappear from the list. Sometimes it's easy (apprentice level only), sometimes not.

Other "Lost Relic" battles: Master Levels or higher will require even more powerful or some specific set of Team to beat. Try them out if you can though, especially the event only ones which are sometimes easy.

Before entering any battles, pay attention to the restrictions of the battles, for instance, limitation of the turns, team cost and restricted attributes.

- More Ways To Get Free Diamonds -

Account Milestone Rewards
   - If you reached Lvl 100, you'll receive 10 Diamonds.
   - If you reached Lvl 150, you'll receive 10 Diamonds.
   - If you reached Lvl 200, you'll receive 15 Diamonds.
   - At higher levels, you'll just receive Harpies.

"Master" Levels or Higher
   - Complete any stages with Apprentice > Elite > Master > or higher (GM/SM/EXTRA)
   - Higher levels than Master will also reward you Diamonds.
   - Zodiac Stages: Try to take down some of the easier Zodiac Master Stages, which are Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, then Pisces. You can do any of them, depending on your current team or card deck.

   - If cleared, you can no longer get any Diamonds, but for other battles, wait for the expiration time to reset the battle, just think of this: If the battle is labeled "CLEAR" you can't claim any diamonds until the "CLEAR" label is gone.

   - "The Traveler's Memories" will appear on the top right corner of the world map upon completing "The Third Seal".

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