Wind Runner: Quick Walkthrough Guide for Android, iOS, and Facebook

Here's a quick walkthrough and strategy guide for the action and arcade endless running game - Wind Runner, available on Google Play, App Store, and Facebook. This game guide will show how to reach and level up notable Characters, Mounts, and Pets that can help players reach higher scores as they progress through the game.

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- How to Reset and Connect Wind Runner -

iOS Devices (Guest Account)
   - If you want to restart your game progress, just re-install the game.

Android Devices (Guest Account)
   - If you want to restart your game progress, it is easier to create a new Facebook Account instead, then log-in that account into your game (device). Re-installing the game will not work on Android devices, unless you are willing to change your main Google ID.

Android and iOS Devices (Facebook Account)
   - If you want to connect your game into your Facebook account (no existing Wind Runner game yet), just log-in your Facebook account in-game (under Info Option). You'll get free 10 Rubies, 2,500 Gold, and 20 Shoes afterwards.
   - This way, your game will be saved and you'll be able to login and play the game on PC or any high-end mobile devices.

Facebook Account Players
   - If you want to restart your game progress, you'll need to create a new Facebook account.

- Wind Runner Daily To Do List -

Note that the best tip for this game is to connect your Facebook account in-game, then add at least 50 active players from their official facebook page. You'll get some starter freebies and lots of gifts from friends if you do this.
   - Go to their Facebook Page or you can also comment a nice "Add Me" below.

Game Pop-Up Offers
   - Login with Facebook: 10 Rubies, 2,500 Gold, and 20 Shoes (automatic for Facebook players).
   - Visit Wind Runner Facebook Page: 1,000 Gold (Android and iOS devices only).
   - Write a Review: 5 Rubies (Android and iOS devices only).
   - Sharing: Share your accomplishments like maxing levels to get free Gold and Rubies.

Daily Rewards (After Server Reset)
   - Daily Rewards: Log in everyday to claim your free Gold and Rubies (varies per day or event). This is one of the best ways to earn free Rubies.
   - Under Friends Ranking, look for a Friend and a Ruby icon next to his or her name, select the Ruby icon > Share > Claim 1 Ruby! If you can't find it, wait for at least 6 hours. Always claim this reward first before sending gifts to friends.
   - Daily Missions: Complete the mission while running to get bonus rewards.

Sending/Receiving Gifts (Messages Section)
   - Ask Shoes or Send Mystery Boxes to your Friends every 6 hours (gifting cool-down time). Claim Boosters then use it wisely to increase your high scores.

In-Game Events:
   - Referrals Event:
   - Get great rewards for referring your friends to the game.
   - Existing Wind Runner friends will not count, invited friends must play the game to count too.

   - Social Points:
   - Social Points can be earned by Sending Shoes, Gifts, adding Referrals, and more. Earn Points to receive at least 2 Mystery Boxes per day.
   - Track your progress through the Social Point bar located under the Weekly Ranking List. Try to fill up the "Daily Max" everyday.

   - Other Events
   - By default an Event envelope will show up above your "My Best Score" section. Select it to open all available Events. Visit their Facebook Page also to join some of their off-game events.
   - The Happy Hour Event! Login and play during Happy Hour Times to get more Gold.

- Basic and Notable Tips While Running -

   - Get all the Stars in each set of sequence to receive Star Bonus Points, especially when using Leo.

   - Try to reach FEVER TIME to get high scores. As the character collects more stars, the gauge in the lower center of the screen will be filled. As soon as the gauge reaches 100%, the character will run into a bonus level filled with sizzling rewards, where you will be able to run without any obstacles or interruptions!      - While FEVER TIME is active, grab all gold stars that you can to earn higher points.

   - Try to defeat some monsters by stepping on them, or by using Magic Items to generate Wing Stars from them. Ignore all Wing Stars, because it will disrupt your concentration, let your Pets grab them instead.

   - Gold gain will depend on the distance you traveled, so run as long as you can. Gold modifiers can be unlocked as you progress through the game to help increase your Gold gain per run.

   - Do not jump or do double jumps if you don't need to, because jumps can't be cancelled in this game.

   - When facing a barrage of Fireballs, sometimes it is a good idea to use the Stars as your guide to avoid all Fireballs. Magic Items can help too, but it is still best to try to learn the patterns. Note that sometimes, you'll need to drop halfway below into the cliffs to avoid fireballs, then doing double jumps to get back on the track.

   - When stepping on monsters, keep in mind that Fenrir or Faun can only do a single jump, and Unicorn can only do double jumps. This is because stepping on monsters will auto jump your Character.

   - This game is all about patterns, learn where and when to do your jumps, double jumps, or when not to do any jumps at all (free fall), time it well. The more you practice, the better you will get! Good Luck!

- Wind Runner Main Walkthrough Guide -

Just follow the tutorial at the start of the game to learn Wind Runner's gameplay basics, movements, using Magic Items, and more.

Important Notes!
   - Leveling up Chloe early game will increase your Magic Item's duration, Score and Gold gain, but the problem is, it doesn't really give enough punch (percentage based) versus the cost. It is better to skip Chloe and buy a Mount first then upgrade better Characters later instead.
   - Save your Rubies for more important permanent game items like "Ruby only" Mounts, Characters, 2nd Pet Slot, Evolutions, and more later on.

    - For Facebook Gamers: You'll get free 20 Shoes at the beginning, use them fast to start the cool-down timer (10 minutes) for more Shoes.

    - For Android and iOS Gamers (Guest Account): Do not connect to your (Non-Wind Runner) Facebook account until you can't really beat your own best record. Note that your Shoes will be refilled once you have renewed your highest score.

   - While playing early game, you'll be given some freebies after your runs, note that Free Booster items will automatically activate at the start of every run, so use them wisely, but don't buy any of them.

   - Free 500 Gold (Just wait for the pop up after a run.)
   - Free Pet (Just wait for the pop up after a run.) Go to the "Change Pet" section then equip your new Rank D Normal Pet. In case you can't find it, refresh game to see the Pet's icon. Hopefully you'll get a Pet with Gold Bonus.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Get a Mount ASAP! -

Do not spend your Gold or upgrade anything, just earn your Gold to get a Mount as soon as possible. Both Fenrir and Faun (Gold only Mounts) are great early game, especially for beginners who needs to further explore and familiarize themselves with the map patterns and obstacles.

Buy Faun (Mount)
   - I recommend Faun as your first Mount, Fenrir is better early game but once you reach mid game, Faun will get better, especially when you Evolve Faun and pair it with the Legendary Pet - Sparta Shark, late game.

   - Buy Faun as your Mount, make sure to select it. Faun is a very useful Gold only Mount that can shield you from one mistake per run, but note that Shield will not save you from falling or squishing against cliffs, this is the reason why Fenrir is better early game because of it's revive ability (once per game).
   - Simple, falling into cliffs or squishing against a cliff is not an option if you are a Faun rider!

Having a Mount early on will give you better overall Gold and Scores, making it easier to get Rank 1 in the World Rankings (Still depends on your performance and if how many players are using this guide though XD).

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Farm Gold for a New Character! -

Earn Gold again for Leo (Character), but don't buy him yet or upgrade anything at this point, especially when you are currently ranked as top 1 in your current League. This is to avoid getting your Score way too high for the next League. Just earn your Gold to get a great boosts later.

   - Save Gold until the Weekly tournament is over, if you ranked 1st ~ 5th, you'll get a nice free starter Rubies. Keep it up!
   - For more info on Winning Leagues, go here: How To Get High Scores and Win Leagues
   - In case you really need a higher score to get to top 5, refer below for more upgrades.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Get a New Character! -
Buy Leo (Character)
   - Under "Change Character" screen, buy and select Leo as you main character. Chloe will be automatically used as you Relay Character if you have a Relay Booster Item at the start of the game.
   - Grab all sets of Treasure Stars and reach at least the 2nd "FEVER TIME" to get more points.

Stella and Leo comparison, Why Leo?
   - Stella
   - Ability: Monster Score x2
   - Jump then land on monsters, or use Magic Items to destroy them all. Wing Stars produced by defeated monsters will not be affected by this ability.
   - Stella is better than Leo until around the second "Fever Time".

   - Leo
   - Ability: Star Bonus x4
   - Grab all set of Stars to enjoy this ability, easier with Mounts and Magic Items like Magnet, Flight, and Invincibility.
   - Leo is better than Stella after the second "Fever Time" because the Star Bonuses will get higher  (around 50 because of the Golden Stars, more as you go on!).
   - A great Relay character too at late game.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Leveling Up! -

Level Up the 2 Below at the Same Time!
   - Upgrade them both simultaneously, this way, you'll get higher overall Score/Gold +% Bonuses just by using enough Gold (At Lvl 15, you can get +30% Score and Gold Bonuses by only spending 13,500 Gold each!). Upgrade them slowly from here on until Lvl 25.
   - The duration of boosters doesn't stack though, but all of them will be maxed after reaching a Lvl 25 Mount.

For Ruby Users Only:
   - If you want to buy a Ruby only Character and/or Mount, swap them above, just choose and Level Up 1 Character and 1 Mount at the same time for now.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Evolve and Max Your Mount! -

Next, save Gold  for upgrades later, around 135,000 Gold to max an Evolved Mount to Lvl 50. Collect Rubies from Daily Rewards, League Rewards, and more to evolve Faun or any Mount you purchased and prefer above.
   - For more info on Winning Leagues, go here: How To Get High Scores and Win Leagues

   - When your Mounts reach level 25, they can be evolved! Once your Mounts are evolved, they change forms and look completely different like the pictures shown! Awesome, right?
   - Please keep in mind that the mounts must be level 25 for the evolve button to appear. The evolve button can be found in Change Mount screen. There is also a cost to evolving of 39 Rubies.

Reach the Rubies required to Evolve your Mount
   - Evolved Mount: A permanent Score Bonus +3%.
   - Faun will receive 2 Shields after evolving, plus, you'll also get a Super Rare Baby Pet of your evolved Mount, go to the Change Pet section to check your new pet.
   - Don't forget to Share your achievements while upgrading your Mount to get some free Rubies.
   - Reach Lvl 50 to get +75% Score and Gold bonuses!

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Max Other Characters! -

Gold gain should be easier by now, participate events like "Happy Hour" during Social Days to further increase Gold per run.
   - Max them to get better Score Bonus % when using Chloe or Stella as Relay characters, plus a permanent +3% Gold Bonus per maxed Character to your "Highest Level Character Bonus" bar.
   - Get 1 bonus Ruby after maxing a character and sharing the achievement.

Max Chloe (Character)
   - Max Chloe to Lvl 25 to get a permanent +3% Gold Bonus for maxing out Characters (+6% Total Gold Bonus).

Buy and Max Stella (Character)
   - Next, Buy and Max Stella to Lvl 25 to get a permanent +3% Gold Bonus for maxing out Characters (+9% Total Gold Bonus). After maxing her, select "Relay Setting" and select Stella as your new Relay.

For Ruby Users Only:
   - If you purchased Kylie before, also buy and max Leo's Lvl.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Summoning and Combining Pets! -
For more info on Pet Summoning and Combinations (with Success Chances), please read this guide: Wind Runner: Guide to Summoning, Combining Pets, and Success Chances

Most Commonly Used Pets ("IMHO")
   - Sparta Shark = To increase Survivability. Sparta Shark is a better Pet for Faun this time because it can compensate the lack of free revive in case you fall down the cliff, plus it can save all your active Shields!.
   - Note: Avoid squishing into cliffs or else, all Shields will disappear, this is most unlikely anyway, right?

   - Bubbly Sea Horse = To increase Survivability.  This one is also a great all around pet. Nice for Faun users if you don't have a Shield Booster item, but if you do have some, equip Sparta Shark instead because Faun can only equip up to 3 Shields max (Blue shield > Yellow shield > Green shield).
   - Note: Avoid falling or squishing into cliffs or else, all Shields will disappear!

   - All Legendary Pets are good, it will only depend on your luck if which Pets you will get first, or which Pets will have higher level or rank. Good Luck!

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Additional Pet Slot! -

Buy A New Additional Pet Slot (Earn 30 Rubies)
   - Extra pet slot allows you to equip two pets to run with you. You can equip one air and one land pet so this means that you cannot have two air or two land pets.

   - Important Note: Reserve 2 Pets (1 air and 1 land) with high Wing Star Score (regardless of their Rank or Rarity) for Scoring, and another 2 Pets (1 air and 1 land) with high Gold Bonus for farming Gold. Do not use them for combining until you have a better Pet with better bonuses. If you want to concentrate on other bonuses like Magic Item's Duration, you may do so too, follow your playing style.

- Main Walkthrough Guide: Purchase Kylie! -

Buy Kylie (Character)
Earn Rubies from daily rewards and League tournaments then buy Kylie, your new main Character. Set Leo as your Relay Character for better results. Max her level to get a Total of +12% Gold bonus for maxing out all 4 Characters.
   - For more info on Winning Leagues, go here: How To Get High Scores and Win Leagues
Why Kylie?
   - Ability: Start Dash 300m, stacks with other Start Dash bonuses and Boosters.
   - Ability: Fever Time Score x3. Best if you can get a Star Magnet before triggering Fever Time. Get Strawberry Hedgehog to enhance Kylie's ability during Fever Time!

   - Now that you have Kylie, your High Scores will sky rocket at this point of the game. Try to aim for the big leagues, you should be able to do it by now. Good Luck!

- Main Walkthrough Guide: The End Game! -

Things To Do Next (In-Order):
   - Continue Summoning and Combining Pets until you have at least 2 Legendary Pets.
   - Buy White Tiger to double your Gold Bonus percentage, upgrade to at least Lvl 25 and equip White Tiger as your Gold Farmer. Evolve to get Score bonus, upgrade more if you want.
   - Earn your Rubies then evolve all Mounts after reaching Lvl 25 to get a permanent +3% Score Bonus per evolved Mount.
   - Try other Mounts that fits your playing style, if you did find one, max it's Lvl.
   - Continue Summoning and Combining Pets to max the Levels of your Legendary Pets!
   - Set over 1,000,000 Scores!
   - For more info on Winning Leagues, and setting high scores, go here: How To Get High Scores and Win Leagues

   - In-case new Mounts, Pets and Characters will come, buy test and upgrade them too!
   - Good Luck! Happy Playing! ^^

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