Ragnarok: War of Gods: How to Increase Bag Capacity or Inventory Item Slots

       A character can own up to 96 kinds of items by default, and you can expand this capacity by equipping an additional bag at the Character Status > Item Menu. Carrying too many items, however, slows you down and eventually immobilizes you. It will also stop SP recovery!

       To extend your inventory slots, equip a bag at the Character Status > Item Menu. You can equip up to 5 Bags total.

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Free or Quest Related Bags -

Favorite Bag (8 slots)
     - This bag has been loved for a long time.
     - Default bag given at the start of the game.
     - Note: You can't unequip this bag!

Small Bag (4 slots)
     - This durable bag is specially made for beginning adventures.
     - Given as Quest rewards. Just follow your quests.
     - 1 Small Bag will be given after the tutorial. As you progress through the game,
more bags will become available via quest rewards.

Cash Shop (Rubies) and Daily Spin Rewards -

Big Bag (8 Slots) HOT!
     - This bag can contain all sorts of things.
     - Buy at Cash Shop.
     - Daily Spin chance item. Open Character Status screen then select Daily Spin.
     - Buy from other players around 50k~100k (price varies per server or seller).

Brand Bag (10 Slots)
     - A luxurious bag.
     - Buy at Cash Shop or win at Daily Spin if item is included.

Promotional/Event Bags or Item Bundle NEW!
     - Watch out for cheap Bags for sale in the Cash Shop!
     - Example Promo: If still available, you can buy the "Nvc Must-have Item" under
Popular or Equip section for only 5 Rubies!.
     - Sell your Small Bags to the NPC to get rid of them.
     - If you have 4 Big Bags, start earning Rubies for Reinforced Fabric (See
Reinforced Bag below), or buy them from other players.
     - To learn how to earn more free Rubies, go here: How to Get More Free Rubies
Item Creation or Crafting -

     - Composition Artificier NPC. Located below the West Guards of Lan Forta.
     - Select the "Special Items" option to view all Bags available for crafting.

Thin Bear Bag (6 Slots)
     - A bag made of thin bear hide.
     - Materials: x20 Thin Bear Hide from Bigfoots and Pink Bears.
     - 1,000 Zeny crafting fee.
     - *Note: It looks like Thin Bear Hides are not available at the moment!

Bear Bag (8 Slots)
     - A bag made of bear hide.
     - Materials: x20 Bear Hide from Bighands, Bear Kings and Legend Bigfoots.
     - 5,000 Zeny crafting fee.
     - *Note: It looks like Bear Hides are not available at the moment!

Reinforced Bag (12 Slots) HOT!
     - A big bag + a bag made of Reinforced Fabric.
     - Materials: x1 Big Bag (see above) and x2 Reinforced Fabric (craft with
Composition Artificer, buy at Cash Shop or from other cash user players.)
     - 50,000 Zeny crafting fee.
     - Get 4 of these as soon as possible to get enough space for pots, loots and more!
     - You can buy Reinforced Fabrics from other players as well (price varies per
server or seller).

Artisan Bag (15 Slots)
     - A brand bag made of Artisan Fabric.
     - Materials: x1 Brand Bag (see above) and x2 Artisan Fabric (craft with
Composition Artificer, buy at Cash Shop or from other cash user players.)
     - 100,000 Zeny crafting fee.
     - Recommended for Ruby users!

     - Materials above can be bought from other players, prices may vary per server.
     - Brand Bags, Reinforced and Artisan Bags are Non-Tradables!

Equip a Pet!  -

Pets (4 Slots ~ 10 Slots)
     - Follow the tutorial at the start of the game to claim 1 free Poring Pet that will give
you 4 more item slots.
     - Buy Pet Eggs in the Cash Shop (generates random pets).
     - Event Manager: You can claim some Pets here too by using Gold Coins.
     - Buy from other players, prices may vary per server.

Some Tips to Save Item Space  -

     - Discard loots that you don't need, or items that gives a small amount of Coins
when sold to NPCs. Ex: Jeloppy, Mushroom Spore and more.
     - Use a Butterfly Wing to teleport to your Kafra save point. Recommended if you
are too far from the nearest town or city.

     - Every time you come back from your Hunts, sell loots or non-consumable items
like Jellopy and Mushroom Spore, or Grade 1 equipments that you don't need to avoid movement penalties later on.
     - Disassemble Grade 2 (green) or higher items that you don't really need to get
Runes for crafting.
     - You can also sell your items to other players through the "Register Auction" NPC.

     - Go to the Kafra and Open a Storage Rental. You must be Lvl 10 and have at
least 10,000 Coins. Store items like Time Capsules, Cards, Runes or any item that you would like to save for later use.

    - Enable/Disable Auto Pick-up function under Status Window > System > Options.

    - Use all Consumable Items from quest rewards to learn their effects, like +Stats or
+EXP items. Keep what you think is useful for later use, especially items like stat and skill resets.

Compound Gold Ingots! NEW!
     - If you have more than 40 Gold Coins (by doing Event or Gold Coin Quests),
go to the Composition Artificer NPC in Valder to exchange 20 Gold Coins into 1 Gold Ingot. This will greatly compress your Gold Coins into 1 or 2 slots only!

Make "Settle Auction NPC" as your Kafra! NEW!
     - Yes, the NPC where you settle sold or expired items.
     - To make it as your Kafra Storage, Buy "Auctioneer's Compendium" items from
the Cash Shop or from other players (Ruby sellers) if you prefer Zeny.
     - Use it, then go to the "Register Auction" NPC and register an item you want to
store, preferably an item that you will not use at the moment. Price it high so that no one will dare to buy it. Let it expire for 2 days and do not settle, just let the item stay there.
     - Registration fee might be pricey, so I recommend this method if you have
enough Zeny to spare.

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