Ragnarok: War of Gods: Swordsman Knight Stats and Skills - 2 Handed DPS Builds

       This Swordsman and Knight build will focus on using 2 Handed Swords, and Skills that will reinforce the weapon. DPS stands for Damage per Second or Damage per Strike, and to be able to achieve this, you must focus on your Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Chance Rate and with decent Survivability.

       Refer below to determine which stats and skill build is best for your playing style. All builds below can played solo or party.

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- Swordsman/Knight 2 Handed Stats Build -

Understanding Ratios:
     - Example: 3 STR : 2 VIT means for every 3 STR, you should aim for 2 VIT.
Example: If you have 60 STR, you should aim for 40 VIT, or if you have 20 VIT, you should aim for 30 STR.

     - Note that Ratios doesn't need to be exact always. Allocate the way you want it.
Example: Go for 20 VIT first then go for 30 STR next, so in the end, you still have 3 STR : 2 VIT ratio.

Main Stats to Focus On:
     - STR: Increases your Attack damage output and Critical Hit percentage chance.
     - AGI: Increases Attack Speed, Accuracy, Dodge Rate (Flee), and your Minimum
Physical Damage. The only thing that you need here is the Attack Speed stat bonus of AGI.
     - VIT: Increases your Max HP (plus higher HP Regen while sitting), and reduces
Physical damage received (after calculating Defense).

Stats Allocation: Target Ratios and Builds
Note: Builds are based from Skills, and Stats from equips/items that you will get later.
Choose what you think is best for your playing style, time and in-game money.

     - [6 STR : 4 VIT] or [7 STR : 3 VIT] Stats Ratio
     - Great damage output and survivability but has low base Attack Speed.
     - Relies on 2 Hand Quicken skill and equipments for Attack Speed.
     - If you are comfortable with your HP pool's damage intake (around 30~50 VIT) ,
you can stop putting more VIT and invest all points to STR. Resume ratio at higher levels if needed.

     - [6 STR : 4 AGI] or [7 STR : 3 AGI] Stats Ratio
     - Great damage output due to Attack Speed's bonus, but has lower survivability.
Relies heavily on equipments to increase survivability.
     - If you are comfortable with your Attack Speed (at least around 150~200), you
can stop putting more AGI and invest all points to STR. Resume ratio at higher levels if needed.
     - Note: Focus more on ASPD than AGI when looking for equipments.

     - 6 STR : 2 AGI : 2 VIT Stats Ratio
     - Hybrid build, has the best of both worlds! Refer to the 2 builds above.

    - Pure STR Stats Ratio
    - A glass cannon that can also match the above builds or even surpass them but
with higher risks! Relies more heavily on equipments to compensate the lack of survivability and Attack Speed.
     - Note: Get all HP Absorb equipments/pets/cards that you can as soon as possible!

    - Pure VIT Stats Ratio
    - Dominates early game, has great survivability but has lower damage output.
    - Has DPS potential if you can constantly get a ridiculously high ATK, ASPD and CRIT from
2 Hand Swords and items.
    - I also suggest to go [6 VIT : 4 STR] or [7 VIT : 3 STR] hybrid tank build.
- Swordsman/Knight 2 Handed Skill Build -

Base Skills to Get: (In Order)
     - Bash Lvl 3 = Your main Attack skill and to unlock Fatal Blow.
     - Fatal Blow Lvl 5 = Your combo skill, always use this 0 SP skill right after Bash!
     - Sword Mastery Lvl 3 = To unlock Two-Handed Sword Mastery.
     - Two-Handed Sword Mastery Lvl 10 = To increase damage with 2 Hand Swords.
     - Bash Lvl 10
     - Two Hand Quicken Lvl 10 = A must have skill to increase ASPD and CRIT rate!

     - Total = 38

Optional Skills
     - Increase HP Recovery = Great support skill especially at lower levels.
     - Magnum Break = Your Area of Effect attack skill.
     - Provoke = Get Lvl 1 if you want to use this, more if you want to increase DPS.
     - Charge = Get Lvl 1 or 5 if you like to PVP.

     - If you reached the Cap for Job Level!, the rest is up to your personal
preference now, you have the base skills that you needed most anyway.
      - Do not put points in the Shield Tree.
     - If you want to reset your skills, use the "Flash Stick" item (free after job change,
get from Daily Spins or Buy in the Cash Shop).

- Stats to Get from Equips, Cards and Pets -

Damage Output!
     - (STR + or ATK +) Attack Damage = The more, the better.
     - (Critical +) Critical % Rate = The more, the better.
     - (Aspd +) Attack Speed = Aim for around 150~200, or more if you want.
     - (AGI +) = Just get what you can, Don't focus on it too much.

     - (HP Absorb %) Life Steal = Aim for these very helpful items! Even if you have
less than 10% HP Absorb, this Stat works so great with the Stats above. See sample video below. This is also the reason why there are so many Pet Baphomet or Succubus in the game.

     - (MaxHP +) Health Points = Stop if you are comfortable with your damage intake.
     - (DEF + ) Physical Defense = Mostly from cards and armor upgrades.
     - (MDEF +) Magic Defense = Just get what you can, Don't focus on it too much.

       I recommend that you check the "Auction Machine NPC" (buy and sell
market), Weapon/Armor/Accessory Artificer NPCs (item crafting), Cash Shop, Event Manager, and Rankings for sample items and their stats.

Sample Target Stats at Lvl 48/40 (All Builds Above!)
     - ATK: 500~600
     - DEF: 100~150
     - CRITICAL: 25~50
     - ASPD 150~200
     - Note: It's ok if you can't reach them, just get the idea. ^^

Sample Swordsman - Knight DPS 2-Handed Sword Build (Life Stealer!)


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