Tekken Card Tournament: Best or Recommended Tekken Fighter to Choose

       If you can't decide which Tekken Fighter is best for you, refer to this guide to help you identify the right character/s for you. It is best to choose a Tekken Fighter according to your playing-style and experience playing the game. Refer below to learn more.

       Each Tekken Fighter has it's own cards, with their own special effects, strengths and weaknesses.

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- The Character Stats! -

     - Refers to the Tekken Fighter's attack damages or Hit.
     - Expect a higher number of cards with devastating hits!
     - Recommended for aggressive players that wants to deal massive damages.
     - Kazuya, Paul, Law and Panda.

     - Refers to the Tekken Fighter's ability to draw cards.
     - Expect a higher number of effect cards that will let you draw a card or cards!
     - Recommended for tactical players that wants to overwhelm their opponents with
combo cards.
     - Xiaoyu and Nina.

     - Refers to the Tekken Fighter's effect cards (how powerful they are).
     - Expect a higher number of effect cards with better special effects!
     - Recommended for tactical players that wants to focus on a specific special effect
like Protection, Conceal or Draw Cards.
     - Panda, Yoshimitsu and Xiaoyu.

- Recommended Tekken Fighters! -

Tekken Fighters for Beginners

     - Kazuya:
     - is a very strong fighter. He has both powerful hits and impressive effects in his
arsenal. His special skill is to increase his strength when injured, which means the more he loses HP, the more powerful he becomes. This can make for extremely tense fights that hardcore players will love.

     - Paul:
     - is a fighting machine. Although he rarely draws and has few spectacular effects, his
hits are earth-shattering. Perfect for aggressive players who want to play as a tank. However, such power has a price: his cards can cut both ways...

     - Panda:
     - Other than Paul, no one can match the devastating hits of Panda! She also has
several powerful effects, including her Specialty, Protection.

Tekken Fighters for Advanced Players

     - Yoshimitsu:
     -  is a fearsome opponent, especially in matches with two players facing off.
He is the only character capable of hiding his cards  from his opponent. He also mastered many unusual and destabilizing effects.

     - Law:
     - is a powerful all-rounder and a master of the counter-attack. Most of his hits can
cancel out his opponent's effects, and very few have mastered this technique. If used well, it can be deadly

     - Nina:
     - can do it all: draw rapidly, heal herself and launch powerful attacks. Therefore, you
can either play as a balanced character or choose to specialize in one area to take your opponent by surprise.

Tekken Fighters for Experienced Players

     - Lili:
     - is a formidable fighter but difficult to master: her best moves are used when the
opponent has lots of cards down on the table. It is a risky and dangerous game, but the rewards can be well worth it.

     - Xiaoyu:
     - is tricky to play and to balance. She is therefore better suited to experienced
players. Her draw speed is unrivaled, no other player will beat her at this!

     - Heihachi: NEW!
     - is a terrifying fighter. He is a dangerous and unpredictable opponent thanks to his
unique power that banishes or enforces actions. His range of various moves allows him to use different styles but his powers are often a double-edged sword.

For Specific Tekken Fighter Deck Builds,
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