Subway Surfers: How to Complete Missions Like Jump Over Trains and More

To learn how to complete missions like Jump over trains, Bump into light signals or trains, or Score points without collecting coins, refer to the guide below to help you out.

Complete Missions Sets to increase your Multiplier up to x30!. Multipliers are used to increase the gain rate of your Scores and to unlock extra missions for Super Mystery Boxes!

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- Missions and Mission Types -

Ways To Complete Missions
     - Through Runs: Most missions can be completed through here.
     - Daily Missions: Missions that are related to Daily Missions.
     - Skip Missions: Go in the Shop and select the Mission that you want to skip. It will
cost some Coins though so I recommend to only skip missions that will require you to complete a number of Daily Missions. Some of these missions will take days to complete so it's better to skip them to get higher Multiplier asap.

       Note: You can Pause the game to check your mission progress.

2 Types of Missions
     - Single Run Missions: Tasks are somewhat difficult and it might require some luck
to complete. Ex: Pick up 4 Jetpacks in 1 run. Just practice and do your best to keep on running. Luck will only help you get the items or upgrades you are looking for.
     - Use Hoverboards to survive, specially when things get a lot faster.

     - Multiple Run Missions: Tasks are easier than the above mission type because all
required number of items, points and more are cumulative. Some might still take some time though specially when the required number of times is a bit high,

- Notable Missions and How to Complete Them -

       This section will only give hints on how to complete some notable tasks much
quicker! Missions not listed here are missions like Buy, Use or Pick up a number of items that can be easily done. It might require some time, personal skills or luck though. See single run missions above.
Jump or Roll a Number of Times
     - The quickest way to do this is to spam jump and roll non stop!

Jump and Land on Trains a Number of Times in a Row
     - Just like the jump and roll spam trick above, but this time, spam it on top of the
trains. Look for a wide and long trail of trains.

Stay in the same Lane
     - Pick up Jetpacks to glide but ignore those Coins for now and do not change lanes.
When u land, use Hoverboards then crash if necessary. Super Sneakers can also help you get this done. Upgrade Jetpacks and Super Sneakers for better results.
     - Super Headstarts can also help.

Pick up Mystery Boxes
     - Getting 2 Mystery Boxes in a single run is pretty rare and it would really take some
time, so the best way is to end the run once you picked up 1 Mystery Boxe or 2 if you are lucky. Start another run then repeat. This is much faster.

Jump Over Trains
     - The easiest way is to get a Super Sneakers first. Look for a train, preferably those
moving train then right before you bump into them, jump over them but this time you must land at the back of that train or at least pass the end of the train to count. Do not touch the train!.

Bump into Bushes
     - Green Bushes are commonly seen on the left or right lanes. Bump into them to
count. If successful, the Inspector will show up. Lose him first before bumping into another one.

Bump into Light Signals
     - This is a little tricky because you can't directly bump into them up front. You need to
dash from left or right to bump into them. If successful, the Inspector will show up. Lose him first before bumping into another one.

Bump into Trains
     - To do this, dash and bump into the sides of the train from right or left. If successful,
the Inspector will show up chasing you. Do this at the start of your run where things are still slow. Make sure to lose the police first though.

Stumble Upon Barriers in 1 Run
     - This is a little difficult but the easiest way is to bump into them from the sides. You
can also run into them head on then quickly jump or dash to the sides with a little bump. Time it well though.

Dodge Barriers
     - Just Roll under or Jump over them. Dashing into the sides won't count.

Score Points Without Collecting Coins
     - Just use the Headstart or Mega Headstart item at the start of the run or wait and
pick up Jet Packs.

Score Points Without Jumping
     - If you are having trouble, just use Super Headstarts, Jetpacks and Hoverboards.

Score Points Without Rolling
     - Same as above but this time do not roll.

Score Points, No Upgrades
     - Run and avoid all obstacles and upgrades! You can use Headstarts and
Hoverboards though. If you can't avoid an upgrade, use your Hoverboard then crash purposely without getting the upgrade! This is really helpful specially when you are near the required Score.

Collect Coins
     - Just pick up Magnets and Jetpacks to help you get more Coins. Upgrade them too
for better results. Coins gained from Mystery Boxes also counts but not for per run missions.

Use Hoverboards Without Crashing
     - If you just want to finish this mission, then just start using them at the start of your
run. Recommended for per run missions.

More Soon!
     - If you have trouble with some specific missions, just ask away here.

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