Subway Surfers: Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

Here are some tips, tricks and game help for the mobile or tablet social game - Subway Surfers, that will greatly help players understand the basics and in-depth mechanics of the game. Available on Android, iOS devices, and Windows Phone.

Help Jake, Tricky and Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his Pitbull dog. Join the most daring chase!

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- Subway Surfers Newbie Guides -

Game Controls
   - Swipe Up = Jump
   - Swipe Down = Roll
   - Swipe Right = Dash to the Right
   - Swipe Left = Dash to the Left
   - Double Tap = Grab a Hoverboard

Other Useful Controls
   - [Jump] + [Right] or  [Jump] + [Right] + [Right] = Dash to the right while in mid-air.
   - [Jump] + [Left] or  [Jump] + [Left] + [Left] = Dash to the left while in mid-air.
   - These are very useful to keep your character on top of the trains for better view of what's coming or to quickly switch lanes to dodge obstacles at the last minute!

   - [Jump] + [Roll] = Cancels Jump then instantly Roll.
   - Highly Recommended to master the Super Sneakers, and it is also helpful to get all the coins on top of the trains or to run on top of them when everything gets a lot faster.

   - [Roll] + [Jump] = Cancels Roll then instantly Jump. Very situational but it's still good.

- Daily Challenges and Missions -
The Daily Challenges
   - Complete Daily Challenges each day and increase your reward!
   - For more info, go here: How to Complete Daily Challenges or Missions
   - Complete a 5 Days streak to get a Super Mystery Box!

Missions and Multipliers
   - Complete Missions Sets to increase your Multiplier up to x30!. Multipliers are used to increase the gain rate of your Scores, to explain this in a simpler way, here's an example:
   - If you have a Multiplier of x1 and you ran 100 meters, your Score = 100.
   - If you have a Multiplier of x30 and you ran 100 meters, your Score = 3000!
   - So Max this as soon as possible!

   - Reached Multiplier 30? Complete extra missions for Super Mystery Boxes!
   - To learn how to Complete specific or notable Missions, go to the link below:
   - How to Complete Missions Like Jump Over Trains and More

- The "ME" Menu! -

Here you can choose any character that you like to use for your runs. By default, Jake will be your main character for the game. Other characters must be unlocked or bought with Coins.

Unlockable Characters
   - Tricky = Tricky's Hat x3
   - Fresh = Fresh's Stereo x50
   - Spike = Spike's Guitar x200
   - Yutani = Yutani's UFO x500
   - Characters that you can unlock using characters tokens from Mystery Boxes.
   - It is best to invest your Coins to upgrades first before getting new Characters.

Limited Characters
   - Featured Special Characters that are only available for a limited number of days.
   - Note that an internet connection must be present after the timer hits 00:00:00 to update and get more limited characters!

   - Boards will appear once you grab or use your Hoverboards by double tapping.
   - You can equip any available Boards here or buy some with your hard earned Coins. Limited ones are also offered here but it is best to grab those Boards with Special Powers.
   - Example: Bouncer = Special Power: Super Jump
   - Note that an internet connection must be present after the timer hits 00:00:00 to update and get more limited Boards!

   - Rare Items from Mystery Boxes. Doesn't really give any bonuses, just a collection.

- Shop: Single Use and Upgrades -

Single Use Items
   - Hoverboard: Use Hoverboards to avoid crashing! This is the ultimate item that you must use to get very high scores in this game! It can also help you complete various missions along the way. Note: There is a 5 seconds cool-down after using a Hoverboard.

   - Right before you land or bump into a dead end or if you think you will hit a train, a wall or any object, double tap on your game screen to use your Hoverboard.

   - Mystery Box: Open Mystery Boxes - go for the Jackpot! If you are lucky, you can get the 100,000 Coin Bag Jackpot!
   - You can view all Common, Special and Rare rewards through the Mystery Box upgrade window. Buy if a mission requires it, specially at early game.

   - Score Booster: Activate at the start of your run to add +5 to your current Multiplier. Best used when you have Multiplier 30 for best results!
   - Note: Update your game to Subway Surfers World Tour: Rio or later.

   - Mega Headstart: This item will give you bonus Points without a sweat at the start or your run, but it is mostly used for completing certain missions though. It could also help you get pretty High Scores but it is still optional.

   - Skip Mission 1, 2, or 3: A very helpful option that can help you reach higher multipliers in the game in no time. As much as possible, only use this feature for completing Missions related to any Daily Missions.

   - Upgrade your preferred powerups in the Shop to make them last longer!
   - If you can't decide which Powerups to upgrade first, check out the guide below:
   - Subway Surfers: Which Powerups to Upgrade First

   - Jet Packs: Gains flight ignoring all obstacles. Note that while you are using Jetpacks, other upgrades will still degrade but Hoverboards doesn't. Great item for farming Coins and for boosting high scores.

   - Super Sneakers: This is an awesome item that can skip multiple obstacles in the way, but first, I highly recommend that you master the [Jump] + [Roll] = Cancels Jump then instantly Roll, to fully control this upgrade and avoid accidental crashes.

   - Coin Magnet: Great item for farming Coins and for boosting high scores after the run.

   - 2x Multiplier: This will only double your current Multiplier and not your Coins. Ex: If you have x30 Multiplier, this item will boost that to x60!, giving you a very high Score gain while it is active. 

Double Coins!
   - Doubles all Coin pickups. This is an optional feature for players that are willing to spend some real cash for this game.
   - It is permanent and it can also help you reach Very High Scores because of Coins.

- How to Unlock the Friends Menu -
Join Your Friends on Facebook and Show Off Your Skills!
   - Simply connect to Facebook with your account to activate this feature.
   - Grab your free 5000 Coins and don't forget to recommend this game to your friends.
   - Go to the Friends screen to get up to 350 Coins from your active friends!
   - Earn and share coins to your friends by making 50 runs while online!
   - Reach the top of the leaderboard by increasing your Multiplier!
   - Brag to your friends when you beat their high score!

- Ready, Set, Go! -

Now that you are good to go, it's time to learn how to increase your Scores! Learn how to do upgrades and stuff by following the guide below:
     - How to Get High Scores (Over 1 Million!)

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