Torchlight II: Engineer - Wildfire Engineer Stats and Skill Build

       This build will focus on using fire based skills. Instead of using the Engineer's Strength and Vitality attributes, this wildfire engineer will invest on Focus and Vitality to increase damage outputs.

       If you want your Engineer to deal massive elemental or fire based damages to burn your enemies to smithereens, and absorb all incoming damages with your awesome Forcefield, then this build is for you!

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- Character Attributes and Equipment Stats -

     - If you want to play this build in Elite Mode, I recommend that you collect some items first,
like the "The Eye of Grell" socketables to survive upcoming battles. To learn how, click here.

Engineer's Charge Bar
     - If a Charges are available, certain skills will consume a charge to significantly increase
power. Some skills consume all available charges.

Base Attributes at Level 100 (Bonuses are not included)
     - Strength: 15
     - Dexterity: 5
     - Focus: 429 = +214.5% Magic Damage
     - Vitality: 86 = +25% Armor Bonus and +15.7% Block Chance

Stats Allocation
     - (Focus: 4 and Vitality: 1) until Vitality hits 86.
     - Next, put all Attribute Points to Focus till Level 100.

Main Equipment Stats (Enchants, Socketables and Stat Bonuses to Find)
       If you are not playing Elite/HC, focus on your Health and damage output.

     - +? Health
     - +?% Fire Damage
     - +? Focus Attribute bonus
     - All damage taken is reduced by ?%
     - ?.? Mana recovery per second (void ember socketables are good for early to mid game)

Additional Equipment Stats
     - Physical/Elemental Armors
     - +?% bonus to Critical Damage
     - +?% to All Damage
     - ?% chance to reflect missiles at ?% weapon DPS
     - Charge Rate increased by ?%

- Weapons, Armors and Socketable Items -

Note: I will not mention all specific items to get, to let you enjoy the game. The game is very
beatable even if you are only using some alternatives to those "Best" items per slot. Hunt monsters, open chests or gamble to get the items that you need. Good Luck!

1-Hand Melee Weapons
     - For mid to late game, use any 1-Hand melee weapons with high DPS. If possible, find
elemental weapons (doesn't have a Base Physical Damage ) for better damage output.
     - At lower levels, just use a wand until you get the Emberquake or Onslaught skill (your
choice). You have high Focus so use high level Wands to boost your level.

     - Preferably with very high ?% chance to Block.
     - The Lvl 23 "Roundhaven" Shield has 29% chance to Block.
     - The Lvl 98 "Parma's Coal-Burner" Shield has 45% chance to Block!

All 10 Armors/Trinkets
     - At early game, find items that will increase your Mana Regen and Health.
     - Refer to the Main or Additional Equipment Stats above for more stats to find.

Notable Armor Sets
     - The Lvl 99 "Mondon's Vestment" Set doesn't really enhance this build but the necklace
is a good item to get to increase overall Health by a percentage.

Notable Socketable Items
       Save all socketables that are similar to the stat bonuses below. They are also good.
     - This socketables will be your main priority items to get/farm in the game.

     - Lvl 87 "Wfuntir Skull"
     - +62 Focus Attribute bonus (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 73 "Skull of Riechliu"
     - +1540 Health (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 55 "Skull of Limoany"
     - All damage taken is reduced by 5% (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 88 "Skull of Whorlbarb" or Lvl 79 "Skull of Trenkay"
     - 4.7 or 4.4 Mana recovery per second (Armor/Trinkets)

     - Lvl 75 "Rambren Skull"
     - +60% bonus to Critical Damage (Weapon)

Equippable Spells/Tomes (Hero)
       Note: Higher Rank/Level gives better output and duration.
     - Tome: Blocking
     - Tome: Concentration
     - Any Spell/Tome that you like
     - Any Spell/Tome that you like

Equippable Spells/Tomes (Pet)
     - Spell: Heal All
     - Spell: Silence
     - Any Summons or Spells/Tomes that you like.

- Wildfire Engineer - Main Skill Build -

       There are so many skills that you can choose from but it is best to choose or prioritize
what you really need for your build. Other unmentioned skills below are also good but they are much more suitable for other Engineer builds. Feel free to use other skills that you think is best.

     - You might also need to repeat completed maps to level up and learn more skills before
taking on bosses. To learn an effective way, click here.
Healing Bot (Active) - Get 15/15
     - After reaching Estherian Enclave, talk to Thaymor to respec or remove your
"Flame Hammer" skill to gain a free skill point.
     - A must have skill, this will save lots of Gold for better use. Gives bonuses to All
Armor and will regenerate Mana as well. Do not place this in your active skill keys because it doesn't have any duration, summon only after entering portals. Place on other shortcut keys.

Bulwark (Passive) - Get 10/15
     - Gives Physical Armor and Physical Damage Reduction. I will only give 10/15 due
to the limited number of Skill Points.
     - Great passive skill to boost you up early game.

Seismic Slam (Active) - Get 15/15
     - Get 5/15 early game, after that, Mana cost will increase per level. Slowly put points
here as you go on to increase the range.
     - Use this skill for clearing out normal monsters that can be stunned. The high stun
chance will greatly hold your enemies down, enabling you to spam this without worry.

Forcefield (Active) - Get 15/15
     - This skill will greatly enhance your survival capabilities! Just pay attention to it's
duration timer to keep this up all the time. Instantly recast this when it's not active. It is also not necessary to max out your Charge bar before using this, fire away when needed.
     - You'll get 60k+ of All Damage Absorption for 30 seconds if you have a full Charge
bar and a 15/15 Forcefield! Use the Dynamo Field to instantly recharge your Charge bar again!

Fire and Spark (Passive) - Get 15/15
     - Gives bonuses to Fire and Electric Damages.

Charge Domination (Passive) - Get 1/15
    - A 1 point wonder. Even at 3% chance, this skill will still proc unexpectedly!

Onslaught (Active) - Get 1/15
     - Your escape Mechanism. Note: this will require a melee weapon to be able to use.

Dynamo Field (Active) - Get 15/15
     - At early game, get 4/15 then stop. Reach 5~6/15 if your Mana can handle it.
Slowly max this out at mid to higher levels.
     - You don't need to get up close to use this, check your current range by using the
practice dummy. Only use this for generating Charge for your Forcefield.

Fire Bash (Active) - Get 15/15
     - I recommend to max this last. Get 2~4~6/15 early to mid game. Do not spam this
though, just inflict the DoT (Damage over Time) to your enemies.
     - At 15/15 this will become a powerful debuff because of the +50% Fire damage bonus.

Emberquake (Active) - Get 15/15
     - You main nuke, use this skill for destroying bosses and large packed monsters.
     - Combo with Fire Bash's debuff bonus.
     - Note: this will require specific weapons to be able to use.

Immobilization Copter (Active) - Get 15/15
     - Reduces your enemies' overall Speed, thus reducing their damage output.
     - Do not place this in your active skill keys because it doesn't have any duration,
summon only after entering portals. Place on other shortcut keys.

- Optional Skills for Unused Skill Points -

     - Total Skill Points Used: 132
     - Total Unused Skill Points: 0

     - If you have extra skill points, either upgrade the skills you currently have or save them for
later  use (after reaching the next required Lvl of skills).

Note: You might need to update your Torchlight 2 to it's latest version or patch to enjoy this
guide. Some skill description and game features are different compared to the original version. If you like this PC game, please support the software developers by purchasing the game!

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