I Can't Find or Play Pockie Ninja, PN II or PN II: Original on Facebook

       The Pockie Ninja, PN II and Pockie Ninja II: Original Fan Pages on Facebook are still available, but if you click on the Play Game option, it will only redirect you back to the same page. Don't worry, this is not a bug or game error because Pockie Ninja closed their game app on Facebook!

       To learn the reason behind and how existing players can continue on through the game using their Facebook Accounts, refer to the information below.
- Pockie Ninja, PN II and PN II: Original App Withdrwal and Alternatives -

     Starting December 2012, NGames and Game321 announced on their Facebook Fan
Pages the withdrawal of their game apps - Pockie Ninja, PN II and Pockie Ninja II: Original. This is due to Facebook's latest App Policy.

     If you have an existing character under your Facebook Account, you can still continue
playing from their official website: Game321.com.

Steps to Login with Facebook Account
     - Go to Facebook.com and Login your account.
     - Go to ninja.game321.com (PN/PN II) or pn2.game321.com (PN II: Original)
and click the "Start Game" or "Game Start" option.
     - Select Sign in with your: Facebook Account. If you did step 1 above, it should
automatically log you in. Wait until the Login and Authentication window closes.
     - Click the "Start Game" or "Game Start" option again and select your Server.
     - Start your Adventure!

PN1&PN2O Announcement to Cease Operations!
     - Game is no longer available, for more info go here

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