Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Upgrade Unique Skills

       Unique Skills are ninjutsus that will make your ninjas more powerful. To equip one, go to your Ninja Screen and choose a ninja from the list. Click the "Manage" button below the Unique Skill slot to learn a new unique skill.

       With the new game patch, Unique Skills (red labeled skill books) are now upgradable through the "My Ninjas" Window. Refer below to learn more.

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- Upgrading Equipped Unique Skill Books -

Upgrade Steps and Info
     - To start upgrading, open your "My Ninjas" Window.
     - Select a Lvl 20 or higher Ninja that has a unique skill equipped. Note that Purple
labeled unique skills are not upgradable, only the Red ones.
     - Click on the skill icon to open the Upgrade Skill Window.
     - Click on the "Select Book" option then choose any Skill Book that you don't need
(preferably the purple labeled ones). Next, Click the "Learn" option to consume the Skill Book and upgrade your Unique Skill!
     - Repeat the process until you reach the required amount per level upgrade.

Upgrade Table
     - Unique Skill +1 = 0/20
     - Unique Skill +2 = 0/40
     - Unique Skill +3 = 0/60
     - Unique Skill +4 = 0/80
     - Unique Skill +5 = 0/100

     Most skill books will have their base attack/damage or stat increased, while some skill
books will gain a new additional stat like +% attack on their main set of effects.
     Most skills have their number of turns or duration remain untouched though.

How to Get More Skill Books?
     With this new feature, you'll be forced to get more Skill Books to quickly upgrade your
ninja's Unique Skills and rank up in the Arena. To get more, check the guide below.
     - Refer here: Pockie Ninja II Social: How to Get More Skill Books

     - Note that each ninja can only learn up to 2 unique skills and it's permanent, so for
non-Gold users, you really need to think what is best for your ninjas.

Lvl 5 Unique Skill Upgrades and Stats
       Looking for a list of skill effects with their +5 upgrade bonuses?
     - Go here: List if Unique Skills/Ninjutsus and Effects

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