Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM: Winged Beast Sneak Deck - Heavy Duel Points

       Winged Beasts are known to their "First Strike" effect that can deal unblockable damages at the start of each Round, and it goes on until a card is placed on your graveyard. Yes, the "First Strike" effect will no longer work if you a have a card on your graveyard.

       To learn how to maximize your winged beasts and their effects, refer below for more info.

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- Winged Beast Deck (Heavy/Lesser Duel Points) -

First Strike and Sneak Effect
     - First Strike: At round start, if your Graveyard is empty, your opponent loses Life Points.
     - Sneak: Destroy opponents monster before it attacks.
     - Your aim is to deal massive "First Strikes" on the first few rounds of the duel, then use your
Sneak and Boost effects to secure your win!
     - If you need help about Card Effects, go here: Monster and Spell Card Effects

Main Monster Cards ( Choose 9 or 10 Cards)

Skull Red Bird (116,725 Coins)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 1000 Power / 1000 Life Points
     - Wind Boost All 300 and Winged Beast Boost All 300
     - These are your main booster cards (+600 Power Total!).

Harpy Lady Sisters (Crafting)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 900 Power / 700 Life Points
     - First Strike 1000 and Sneak

Harpy Lady (151 CP)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 200 Power / 500 Life Points
     - First Strike 500 and Sneak

Takuhee (14 DP)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 1200 Power / 300 Life Points
     - First Strike 800 and Drain 200

Optional/Alternative Monster Cards

Monstrous Bird (40 DP)
     - Winged Beast/Wind - 1300 Power / 200 Life Points
     - First Strike 1500 and Beast Cripple All 300

Fiend Reflection #1 (151 CP)
     - Winged Beast/Light - 700 Power / 600 Life Points
     - First Strike 1000 and Annihilate Fiends
     - Add this to your deck if you are up against a Fiend Deck!

Main Spell Cards (Limit to 5 or 6 Cards)

       It is recommended to spend your DPs for Spell cards because you can use it to any decks.

Raigeki (50 DP)
     - Annihilate your opponent's monsters!
     - If you are a heavy DP cash user, try to get 3 Raigekis!

White Hole (40 DP)
     - Immune All: You monsters can't lose Power or can be destroyed. Takes effect at Round start.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 23
     - If you are a heavy DP cash user, try to get 3 White Hole cards to become nearly invincible!

Just Desserts (11 DP)
     - Special: At round start, if there are 3 monsters on your opponent's side, your opponent loses
1500 Life Points.
     - Included in the Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Optional/Alternative Spell Cards

Mirror Force (34 DP)
     - Special: If a card is played in this channel, all your opponent's monsters are destroyed.
     - Get 1 Free from the Story Mode - Chapter 19
     - Included in the  Special Spells Pack from the SHOP (Deals Section).

Waboku (16 DP)
     - Immune All and Backfire 1000
     - If you think you can take the 1000 Backfire, add 1 to ensure your monster's Power growth.
     - Note: Waboku's "Immune All" will take effect first before the "Backfire" and other effects!

- Winged Beast Sample Deck and Duel Strategies -
     - If you have "First Strike" monsters at the start of the duel, do not use non-permanent spells
until a card is placed on your graveyard to prolong your First Strike effect.
     - Skull Red Bird's +600 Power will buff up your monsters' Power and your "Sneak" effects
will help activate Takuhee's "Drain" effect.
     - Use your Spells wisely and support your monster's Power growth while in duel.

Winged Beast Sneak
     - Winged Beasts' "Sneak" effect is awesome and it doesn't have any negative effects! Best to
use if your opponent doesn't have any Requiem, Immune or Cripple All effects.
     - If your opponent have one or more of the effects above, use your Immune spells or replace
your Raigekis with Wabokus.

Using Side Deck Cards
     - If your opponent's deck is using a common Monster Type or Attribute, Check the Shop
for "Annihilate" spell cards that can destroy that Monster Type or Attribute.
     - Example: "Exile of the Wicked" spell card annihilates or destroys all Fiends!

Share your own customized deck in the comments section too! ^^

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