Pockie Ninja II Social: Ninja Equipments and Enhancement Guide

       Ninja Equipments are used to increase the overall Focus value of your ninja, thus increasing their performance in battle.

       When you are deciding which equipments to use for your specific ninja, just make sure that you equip the items to their specified class. Check the 2 main factors too, the Grade or color of the equipment and the number of Enhance Tries to easily find the best equipments.

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- 2 Main Factors to Mind -

1) Equipment Grades (color based)
     - Higher Grade will give better overall stats including stats per enhancement.
     - Equipping items into a wrong class is possible but the bonus stats will greatly degrade.
     - Equipping a set will give your ninjas some bonus stats (Set Bonus - refer above screenshot).

Equipment's Set Names (Blue/Purple/Red)
     - Taijutsu = Grim Set - Requires level 1
     - Weapon = Ruin Set - Requires level 1
     - Ninjutsu = Calm Set - Requires level 1

     - Taijutsu = Gore Set - Requires level 10
     - Weapon = Hale Set - Requires level 10
     - Ninjutsu = Flay Set - Requires level 10

     - Taijutsu = Doom Set - Requires level 20
     - Weapon = Gale Set - Requires level 20
     - Ninjutsu = Gilt Set - Requires level 20

     - Taijutsu: Bane Set - Requires level 30
     - Weapon: Dark Set - Requires level 30
     - Ninjutsu: Keen Set - Requires level 30

Blue: Equipment Grades
     - Level 1 Blue Equipments
     - Obtained at Enter: Naruto Uzumaki Map Lucky Draw

     - Level 10 Blue Equipments
     - Obtained at Land of Waves Map Lucky Draw

     - Level 20 Blue Equipments
     - Obtained at Chunin Exam Map Lucky Draw

     - Level 30 Blue Equipments
     - Obtained at Sasuke's Departure Map Lucky Draw

     - Can also obtain some blue grade equipments from early quests.


Purple: Equipment Grades
     - Level 1 to 10 Purple Equipments
     - Obtained at Enter: Naruto Uzumaki Map Lucky Draw (Hero Mode).

     - Level 20 to 30 Purple Equipments
     - Obtained at Land of Waves Map Lucky Draw (Hero Mode).

     - Purple Equipments can also be redeemed through the redeem icon.

     - Choose the Equipment Exchange tab and browse through the available Purple Gear Chests.
     - Requires a number of Purple Gear Pieces.
     - How to Gain More Purple Gear Pieces
     - Lucky Draw from Story Maps or Plots
     - Active Point Chests
     - Salvaging Existing Gears (Blue equipments will get Purple Pieces).
     - Arena Lucky Draws

Red: Equipment Grades
     - Level 1 Red Equipments
     - Obtained at Land of Waves Map Lucky Draw (Hero Mode).

     - Level 10 to 20 Red Equipments
     - Obtained at Chunin Exam Map Lucky Draw (Hero Mode).

     - Red Equipments can also be redeemed through the redeem icon.
     - Choose the Equipment Exchange tab and browse through the available Red Gear Chests.
     - Requires a number of Red Gear Pieces.
     - How to Gain More Red Gear Pieces
     - Lucky Draw from Story Maps or Plots (Hero Mode only)
     - Active Point Chest (Ultimate Active Chest only)
     - Salvaging Existing Gears (Purple equipments have chance to get Red Pieces).
     - Arena Lucky Draws

2) Number of Enhance Tries
     - Higher Enhance Tries will give higher stat results after enhancing.
     - So instead of just comparing the item's initial attack and HP bonuses, it is better to pick
the item that has higher Enhance Tries, regarding that the 2 items share the same grade.

- Enhance Ninja Equipments -

       Always remember to enhance your ninja's equipments every after cool-down. They are
cheap and can also increase your ninja's overall Focus value.
How to Enhance Ninja Equipments
     - Go to your Ninja Page and click a ninja to view his or her stats.
     - Click the "Equipment" button to enter the equipments page. By default, you can first view
your ninja's current equipments.

     - Click the "Enhance" tab to start enhancing equipments.
     - Choose the item you want to enhance (you can also see who's item is it).
     - Click the "Enhance" button to increase the stats of your item.
     - Don't worry, Enhancing equipment will never fail!

     - If the cool-down bar is full, you will have to wait for it to cool-down first before you can
do more enhancements.
     - If the "Enhance Tries Max" is reached, you will need some "Cap Boost" items to increase
the maximum tries. Cap Boost items can be farmed from the Story (Hero Mode) Lucky Draws.

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