Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Heroes with High Critical Rates

       Here's a list of Heroes with High Critical rates, available from the game Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Playdom's online browser based social game. Refer here to learn the best, top or most used Heroes around the game. The list below is based on gathered observations and suggestions from players.

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- Featured Critical Heroes -

       Heroes with high critical rates usually have a high accuracy stat or an ability that would
increase their critical chance or accuracy stat. Some heroes also have a debuff attribute that targets enemies making the next attack against that target to become a guaranteed crit.

Note: To further increase your Heroes' critical chances, increase their accuracy stat.

Recommended Critical Heroes
     - Heroes that doesn't wait for turns to utilize their crits.

Daredevil (48 CP)

       Daredevil is one of the most favored hero when it comes to critical rates
and dodge because of his "Radar Sense" (3 turns). It greatly boosts Daredevil's accuracy and evasion stats with a bonus counter attack whenever he is attacked with single-target attacks! You don't even need to wait for another turn to utilize it!

War Machine (48 CP)

       War Machine's "Blade Punch" has a very high base critical rate that can
also ignore any defenses! Automatically unlocks after recruiting him.

Wolverine (90 CP)

       Wolverine's "Adamantium Claw" has also a very high base critical rate.
Unlocks at level 2.


- More Critical Heroes -

     - Heroes that uses their own abilities, buffs or debuffs to deal high chance crits.
     - Heroes that usually wait for turns to utilize their crits.

Black Panther (90 CP) NEW!
     - Anti-Metal Claws - Heart of the Panther (2 turns)
     - Grants Black Panther the Heart of the Panther; Increases Accuracy

Cyclops (15 CP)
     - Exploit Weakness - Weak Point (3 turns)
     - The next attack against this target is guaranteed to hit and crit.

Hawkeye (1 CP)
     - Pinpoint Target - Pinpoint Target (4 turns)
     - Single-target attacks against this target are guaranteed to hit; Hawkeye's
attacks against this target are guaranteed to crit

Hulk (90 CP)
     - Getting Angry > Hulk Up > Rage Punch - Hulk Up (100 turns)
     - Increases Hulk's Attack and Accuracy; This effect can be applied up to
5 times

Invisible Woman (15 CP)
     - Invisibility - Invisible (2 turns)
     - High chance to dodge single-target attacks; Increases Accuracy; Goes
away after one attack

Iron Fist (15 CP)
     - Heart of Shou-Lao > The Iron Fist - Heart of Shou-Lao (100 turns)
     - Grants a boost to all stats; This effect can be applied multiple times

Mockingbird (Limited)
     - Critical Intel - Weak Point (3 turns)
     - The next attack against this target is guaranteed to hit and crit

Phoenix (48 CP)
     - Mind Link - Focused (4 turns)
     - Grants Focused to all allies; Increases Accuracy by 25%

Sif (23 CP)
     - Inspire Courage - Honed Edge (3 turns) or Tempered Steel (3 turns)
     - Sif's next attack is a guaranteed to be a critical hit.

Spider-Man (90 CP)
     - Web Shot > Web Slingshot - Snared Target
     - Attacks against Webbed targets are usually guaranteed to hit and crit

Thor (90 CP)
     - Empowering Strike and/or Inspire Bravery - Might of Mjolnir
     - Increases damage and accuracy of the next Hammer Throw or Summon
Thunder; This effect can be applied up to 2 times

     - Heroes with decent critical rates that needs some Iso-8 items to get very high crit rates.

     - Black Cat
     - Dr. Strange
     - Human Torch
     - Kitty Pryde
     - Luke Cage (Face Punch)
     - Mr. Fantastic
     - Nightcrawler (Ambush)
     - Spider-Woman (Brawl)

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