Marvel: Avengers Alliance: Report Game Error, Glitch, Issue or Problem

       If you have any issues with Marvel: Avengers Alliance, please refer below to learn how to report a ticket to Playdom's support page. This way, players will be able to notify Playdom's engineering team and support. You may also report any error you can find here.

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- Marvel: Avengers Alliance Support -

Playdom's Support Page
     - Click here: Create or Log in to Playdom's Support Page
     - Please Note: You will not be able to contact support until you create and log in using your account.

     - Once you are logged in, click on the 'Support' button in the banner at the very top of the site,
     - Click once again on the 'Log In to Ask a Question' button at the top right corner. If you can't
find it, skip this step.
     - A Help box will appear at the bottom right side of the page. Similar to the below pic.
     - Click on the 'Submit Request' option in this box to bring up the support ticket form. Fill out
all the information requested and submit your ticket. You should receive a reply from one of our representatives within 72 hours.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Known Issues
     - If you are experiencing one of the following issues, Playdom is currently looking into the
problem and will notify the community via the forums and the support portal with any updates.
     - Issues on this page can only be resolved by Engineering team and not by Support.

List of Known Issues:

     - Unable to slot ISO-8 - button is grayed out.

     - Unable to access Store, Research or PVP - buttons are grayed out.

     - Unable to change heroes and or agent equipment before fight - buttons do not appear.

     - Previously purchased Phoenix and cannot access her Premium Mission.

     - Completed research but associated item is still locked.

     - Players are being forced to refresh their game client during and or shortly after completing
a task, action, etc.

     - Losing Energy/Progress and or currency when game freezes, crashes, refreshes, etc.

     - DATA POST ERROR preventing some users from playing the game.

     - Unable to access next Chapter/Mission.

     - Agent names with special characters or symbols in their names do not load properly in the
User Interface.

     - 4th Weapon Slot Unlocking Prematurely resulting in a trapped weapon.

     - Unable to upgrade Jet due to Refresh Error.

     - Unable to progress past the tutorial - do not have EMP grenade needed to progress.

     - Unable to progress past the tutorial - green arrow points to Air Traffic Control Mission but
users are unable to complete this quest.

     - Cannot find Ally on Friends list / Can only visit Top 50 neighbors/friends/allies.

     - ISO-8 bonuses not properly applying to agents or heroes.

     - Agents making erratic movements when not engaged in battle.

     - Unable to train Hero - 'Buy Uniform" option is listed where 'Start Training' should be.

     - Tier III Uniforms are not appearing in the store.

     - Heroes stuck in busy state when they are not actually busy (Some users have reported that
the information in this article has helped resolve this issue).

     - Game Not Loading (Please use our recommended browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and
review the information provided here).

     - Game Crashes out due to Flash Player Crash (Ensure your version of Flash is up to date).
     - Can only access 3 minute remote ops missions.

     - Cannot accept all gifts/messages (Please visit this article).

     - Shockwave Stops Responding (Please check this article).

     - Cannot accept additional Distress Calls (Please read this article).

     - Not receiving XP for Remote Operations (Please read this article).

Source: Marvel: Avengers Alliance Know Issues

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