Marvel: Avengers Alliance: How to Unlock Research and Items Guide

       As you progress through the game, the Research section will become available to help you unlock more powerful items in the Store. Each technology that you research will take a certain amount of time to complete and will cost you both Silver and S.H.I.E.L.D. Points.

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- Research Section and Topics -

How to Unlock the Research Section
     - You must first complete Chapter 1 Mission 2.
     - You must also complete the task "Class is in Session" where you need to have 2 fully
piloted jets! Ask your friends to fill up the 4 slots or use your limited Gold, your choice.
     - Follow the tutorial next to learn how to navigate around the Research Section.

Requirements for Researching
     - Silver, Shield Points and Time
     - As you begin to research more powerful technologies, the time and cost required to
complete will increase.

How to Unlock New Topics to Research
     - Some technologies will require your agent to be at certain level.
     - Complete specific research items to unlock higher tier researches.
     - To see the requirements in order to research the technology, simply hover your mouse
pointer over the item's images.
     - If the research time remaining is less than 5 minutes, you can speed up the process for free!
     - Notifications will appear at the bottom area of you game screen (available, complete
and the duration.)

- Best Items to Research? -

       This one is entirely up to you, research what you think is important! In the end, you will end
up researching every possible topics to unlock other items anyway. If you have trouble getting Shield Points, ask your friends to gift you some or visit them in-game. Here are some examples on what other players prefer.

Tasks or Quests
     - Simply because some items must be researched to fulfill tasks.

Usable Items
     - There are players that research for consumable items for healing, buff and debuffs, but
since most of the usable items can be gained from enemies, it is still wise to research them to unlock other items like Uniforms and Weapons for your Agent.

Isotope-8 Technology
     - To start researching ISO-8 items, you must research the "Mysterious Ore" first.
     - Most players research ISO-8 to unlock higher tier ISO-8 items. Equipping the item on the
Agent and Heroes will increase their stats, making them more powerful in combat.
     - Try to get ISO-8 items that will increase your heroes' weaknesses. At later game, increase
their weaknesses and strengths for better performance.
     - Socketing ISO-8 is permanent but you can discard existing ones and replace them.

Gears or Weapons
     - The easiest way to gain weapons is by purchasing them from the Store, and to unlock those
weapons, you need to research them first!
     - As a starter, here are some recommended topics to research to get weapons with high
critical rates. Criticals will give you a chance to get Command Points, thus more Hero to recruit!

     - [Advanced Blades] to unlock the [Katana] weapon!
     - [Tactical Pistol] and [Machine Pistols] to unlock the [S.A. "Ambush"] weapon!
     - Note that, weapon stats will go higher as you level up near to it's Power Level.

PVP Bonus
     - There are also hardcore PVP players that research items for PVP Bonus.
     - Items that will be transformed permanently into a offensive and defensive boost for PVP.
     - Example item: [P.E.W. "Raze"] with PVP Bonus: 630 ATK and 420 DEF

       If you have some tips or preferred items to research first, feel free to share them below. ^^

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