Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tips, Tricks, Game Help and Info

       Here are some tips, tricks, game help and information for Playdom's online browser based social game - Marvel: Avengers Alliance. This guide will cover the basic features of the game to help newbies early on. For more tips and tricks for this online game, refer to the Guides List.

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- Basic Tips and Info -

XP (Experience Points)
     - Used to level up your team and to unlock game features or items.
     - XP can be earned through battles, completing Remote Ops missions, tasks and certain
mission mastery.

     - Starting a battle costs Energy. Reduced after clicking the "Fight" button.
     - How To Gain More Energy:
     - Visit your friends' maps and claim some free Energy (must be friends in-game).
     - Gift Energy to your friends to get some (A friend can gift the same item to a another friend
multiple times!). The max accepts per player per day is 50.
     - Ask friends by clicking the "+ADD" button next to your Energy bar.
     - You will need to wait for Energy to refill. Energy will always refill over time.
Silver and Gold (Game Currency)
     - Used to purchase items from the Store like Gear, Uniforms, Supplies, and Resources.
     - Used for Training, Researching and more!
     - Gold is used for purchasing premium items or features.
     - How To Gain More Silver:
     - Complete Mission Battles and Tasks.
     - Send heroes on Remote Ops from the Flight Deck.
     - Visit your friends' maps and claim some Silver (must be friends in-game).
     - How To Gain Free Gold:
     - You can get 1 Gold per level up and by completing the 4th star mastery per mission.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Points
     - Used for training, researching and purchasing items from the Store, similar to Silver.
     - How To Gain More S.H.I.E.L.D. Points:
     - Visit your friends' maps and claim some S.H.I.E.L.D. Points (must be friends in-game).
     - Through gifts. Ask friends by clicking the "+" button next to your S.H.I.E.L.D. Points icon.
     - Randomly appears in some mission maps with your friends.

Command Points (CP)
     - Used to recruit new heroes from the Team Management screen.
     - How To Gain More Command Points:
     - Random item after completing missions and defeating Epic-Bosses (1, 3, 5 or 10 CP).
     - Complete the 5th star mastery per mission.
     - Chance to drop them after dishing Critical hits!
     - Rare chance to drop after completing a Remote Ops from the Flight Deck.
     - For more info go here: How to Get More Command Points

Tasks or Quests
     - Once completed, you will receive special rewards which often include Silver and XP.
     - Some game features will be unlocked after completing specific tasks.

Health and Stamina Bars
     - Important stats to keep in mind when fighting battles. Since some are still confused on how
health and stamina bars is interpreted, here's a simple explanation.
     - Enemy's Health Bar: Refer above, when targeting an enemy after selecting a preferred skill,
the whole bar (Red and Yellow) represents your target's current health.
     - The yellow bar represents your skill's expected damage on that target, while the red bar
represents the expected remaining health. Note that dodge and criticals can ignore this expectations.
     - Stamina Bars: The yellow bar represents the expected stamina deducted after using a
preferred skill, while the blue bar is the expected stamina left after.

- Missions and Battles -

Unlocking Normal Missions
     - You should always look ahead to see what requirements are needed to unlock the next
mission. Click the "Mission" Menu and browse the chapter missions to view the requirements.

Unlocking Premium Missions
     - Buy the Hero needed in the premium mission. Unlocking premium missions from the
"Mission" window will automatically give you the needed Hero, so it's ok either way.
     - There are good items that are obtainable only in the premium missions.

Hero and Villains Classes
     - Click the "SHOW HELP" button in the pre-combat screen to review these classes at any
time. Each class is strong against one and weak against another.
Buffs and Debuffs
       To mix in some more complications, each Hero and Villain has their own set of unique buffs
that will enhance their performance in battle. On the other hand, both sides can also inflict debuffs that will degrade the performance of their targets. Check them out by hovering your mouse over the characters.
     - Buffs = Green Icons     Debuffs = Red Icons     Other Properties = Blue Icons

Distress Calls
     - Call for Backup! Recruit your friends and visit them to give and receive Distress Calls.
     - Only Allies can gift you Distress Calls. Add Allies so you can call on more Heroes to help
you win.
Hero Team-Ups
     - Team-ups may feature a hero you haven't acquired yet, like Captain America. This gives
you a chance to try them out.

Mini / Main / Epic Boss Fights
     - You can choose to fight a Mini-Boss before fighting the Main Boss.
     - If you decide to not fight the Mini-Boss and jump straight to the main boss, both bosses
will appear in the same fight! This makes that boss fight extra challenging but also rewarding!
     - An Epic Boss is a hidden boss that appears when specific conditions are met.
     - For more information, refer here: How to Unlock Epic Bosses

Battle and Mission Rewards
     - Enemies will randomly drop usable items after defeating them. Dishing criticals will also
give you a chance to get Command Points! This is the main reason why players seek weapons and strategies with high critical outputs for CP farming! Note that you can only get 1 CP per battle.

     - Mission Rewards: Chance to get a random gear or usable item.
     - Missions Mastery: Complete Missions with high Score! To earn the next star, you have to
meet the required cumulative score. Repeat missions if necessary.
     - : 250 Silver
     - : 1000 Silver
     - : 100 XP
     - : 1 Gold
     - : 5 Command Points
     - : Chapter Master Rewards (5 Stars Mastery on Normal and Premium Missions).

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