Armies of Magic: How to Get More Silver or Money

       Silver is used as an in-game currency in Armies of Magic. Most purchases can be made by using silver but gold in the other hand can purchase all premium items and other features in the game. This guide will focus on getting more silvers to increase the growth of your city.

- Silver: In-Game Money -

Completing Quests
     - The most basic way to gain silver.

Goods Buildings:
     - Great way to make some extra silver while you're in combat or in between game sessions.

Defending Allies' Cities
     - Watch out for red exclamation marks on your allies' portrait.
     - Successfully Defend your allies to earn silvers.
     - Choose the first option if your friend's level is equal or lower than your level.
     - Choose the second option if your level is lower than your friend.

Versus Mode
     - Choose an enemy with higher lose rate and with low army strength.
     - Since you can only battle players around your level, make sure that your Military buildings
are fully upgraded and have enough units for battle. Don't forget to bring some spells too!

Challenge Mode
     - Your enemies return with a vengeance. Master challenging new versions of battles!
     - This is your main silver mine! You can get lots of silver here by choosing the easiest
missions and by completing them.

     - Make sure that the rewards you gained after the battle can recover the number of
casualties in your army! If not, select an easier uncompleted stage instead.

     - For more info, refer here: Challenge Mode Tips and Guide

Get Silver (real cash users)
     - Click the "Get Gold" tab above your game interface, then click the "Get Silver" option.

       Good luck playing your favorite online browser based social game!

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