Armies of Magic: How to Defend Your Capital or City

       At level 8, a new in-game tutorial will open up your Military HQ window and walk you through on how to allocate your units into defense. From here on, your city will placed in the "Raid" list where other players can see you and try to take down your army!

- Army Defense -

Setting Up Your Army Defense
       Choose the best units you currently have for defense. Preferably, units that are new and fully
upgraded according to your level. Make your defense army flexible by deploying multiple unit types, but the majority of the army should be melee units.

       Units from gifts are handy but not for defense. Only put units according to your alignment.

       As you level up more space will become available, so open up your Military HQ and check
them out after getting a level up. Same way when you get attacked by raiders. Set up a strong defense and you'll be rewarded victories!

The Rules
     - You cannot leave your city if you have not met the minimum.
     - If your city is undefended, you cannot access the world map or fight other players.

     - When units are on defense, they cannot be used on offensive battles. If you want to transfer
them back, the troops defending your city must travel to join your offensive forces. While traveling, they will still help to defend your city. When the travel time expires, these troops will join your offense.

     - Your defense will fight for you when you are attacked. They can win battles, but can also
be killed. You will only lose your units but not your resources.

- The Peace Shrine -

Setting Up Your Peace Shrine
     - Unlocks at Level 8 and can be built from the Shrine building tab.
     - This shrine will protect you from all Raids, but if you attack someone else, the protection
ends! Activate only when you really need it.

     - To increase the duration of your immunity from raids, you need to request help from your
friends before activating the shrine.

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