Armies of Magic: How to Get Mana and Life Crystals

       At some point of the game, some important game items in Armies of Magic can't be bought by silver like Life Crystals to recover battle casualties, and Mana for building upgrades. Refer below to learn more, good luck playing your favorite online browser based social game!

- Life Crystals and Mana -
Life Crystals
       You can revive fallen troops using life crystals after battle. These are very rare, but can be
found in some battles, use them wisely.
     - Rarely used if you know how to pick your missions, but in case you have lost a great number
of units and can't afford to lose them, then use this option.
     - Some mercenaries or non-human, elf or dwarf, are too valuable to lose because they
have good stats. Revive them and them always.

     - Use this for building upgrades. Mana is very limited specially for free users or lesser Gold
users. Use them wisely!
     - Use them for upgrading Military buildings and Temples to upgrade higher units and spells.

How to Obtain Mana or Life Crystals

     - Purchase with Gold: Easiest way as long that you have Gold. Note that Life Crystals and
Mana will get cheaper as you level up! Purchase them only when needed.

     - Treasure Chests: Random reward after any successful battle.
       After opening the treasure chest, the items shown will be shuffled and you get to pick one.
The chance is really low but as you level up, more Mana will be added in the treasure chests.

     - Complete Challenge Modes: Check out missions that will give them as rewards.
     - Some Gold and Platinum challenge missions will give Life Crystals as rewards.
     - Some Platinum challenge missions will give Mana as rewards.

     - Mystery Gifts: Some players, claim that you can get some from mystery gifts too but, the
chance of getting one is very slim.

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