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       Here are some tips and tricks for the online browser game Disney Animal Kingdom
Explorers available on Facebook. Refer here to learn the basics and how to play the game in an easier and comfortable way.
- Understanding the Cycle -

       By understanding the below cycle, you can boost up your XP and Reputation gain as you
go through the game.
     - Energy > to get XP > to unlock items with Higher Reputation > to unlock New Scenes!
     - New scenes > higher XP gain > higher Reputation gain!
Cycle 1: Energy
     - Use Energy to travel to exotic locations!, each scene consumes 10 units of Energy.
     - 1 energy will replenish every 3 minutes. 3 Hours to complete 60 Energy!
     - To get more energy, you can also request energy from your friends.
     - Needed to enter scenes or stages and gain Silvers and XP!

Cycle 2: XP or Experience
     - Earn XP by playing scenes, completing quests and visiting neighbors.
     - More XP can be gained by decorating your preserve with animals, plants, habitats and more.
     - Leveling up will unlock new animals or items in the shop, thus increasing your Reputation!

Cycle 3: Reputation
     - Placing Animals, Objects and Habitats contributes to your Reputation.
     - Construction takes time, once the animal or item is completed, your reputation will increase.
     - More Reputation means more places to travel.

     - Note: Keep in mind that if you sell or store animals or items from your Preserve, the
reputation for those items is deducted from your total Reputation!

- How Scores are Calculated -

Your Total Score
     - Time Bonus- Time of Completion
     - Skill Bonus - No Hints USED!
     - Time and Skill Bonuses will be added after finishing a scene.

     - Base Score - Number of Objects Found
     - Chain Bonus - Chain Combos (find all animals/items without delay).
     - Base and Chain Bonuses are automatically calculated while playing.

How to Get into the High Score Ranks
     - You need to find and click all the objects asked as fast as you can while keeping
your chain combos up and without using any Hints.
     - This might require you to revisit the scene to practice and familiarize yourself.

- Available In-Game Hints -

     - Use them only if you can't really find an animal, item or to familiarize yourself.
     - Note: Using Hints will decrease you overall score!
Magnifying Glass
     - Available from level 1
     - Refills over time. Finds one object in scenes.

     - Unlock at level 5
     - Use to easily search for hidden objects; when your goggles are over a hidden object, the
object will glow! Can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.

     - Unlock at level 10. Can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.

     - Unlock at level 15. Can be purchased with gold or gifted by friends.

Animal Hints
     - Available from level 1
     - When you are asked to locate animals in scenes, you will see question mark icons next to
their names which will provide you with clues when clicked!


- More Tips and Tricks -

     - Visit your neighbor's preserve everyday to get free XP, Silvers and Energy!
     - Send free gifts to your friends and or neighbors!
     - Collect  shared rewards from your friends' Facebook wall.

     - Use the quest guide at the left side of your game screen.
     - Serves as your game walkthrough and tutorial. Highly recommended for beginners.
     - Complete quests to unlock new scenes, Habitats, set items and more.

Building and Expanding
     - Place Animals or Objects that will yield best reputation result per space.
     - For more info, refer here: LINK HERE SOON!

     - Stop building if you don't have any quest that requires you to unlock a particular scene
to conserve your Silvers and preserve space.

Animal Synergy NEW!
     - Extra bonus Reputation will be gained if two similar animals are near to each other!
     - Examples: Giraffe and Baby Giraffe; Flamingo and Flamingo Pond.

     - Are your main Reputation booster. Build one as soon as possible and expand them
to gain more Reputation! Complete quests to unlock Habitats.
     - Requires set items. You can ask set items from your friends by clicking "Ask Friends".
     - Requires friends and neighbors to build habitats. You can also use Gold to finish instantly.

     - You can also add more pieces to the Habitat by gaining special gift items from friends.
     - Adding these extra pieces to your Habitats will increase your overall Preserve Reputation.
     - Place animals near the Habitats to gain more Reputation Bonus! NEW!
     - Watch out though, you might not want to put a gazelle next to a lion habitat! NEW!

Preserve Space and Grid Expansion
     - To expand the size of your Preserve, open the Shop and click on the Expansions tab.
     - Alternatively, you can also click any locked grid space to open the expansion window.
     - The more you expand your Preserve, the more Animals and other items can be placed.

     - Permits and Silvers: You can obtain more Permits and Silver by playing more scenes.

     - If you run out of space available at your preserve, sell your plants or terrain because
they give the least reputations. If you need more space, sell animals or objects that gives the least reputations.

Other Tips
     - If you want to replay a scene, choose the newest scene to get the highest XP.
     - Your energy will refill every after level up so it's better to use them all up first before
gaining any XP (from new items placed, upgrades or neighbor visits).
     - It is best to play at fullscreen (other monitors or HDTVs brightens up dark areas).

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