Monster Galaxy: Choquinox Quests and Guide

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       The Choquinox quests are finally here! Jump into the game today to earn some Starseeds
and capture some of those Choquinox bunnies!. Note that this event is only available this month - April 2012! Grab your chance now!
- The Choquinox Quests -

Creepy Rabbits
     - Find and defeat Devibun's team 10 times.
     - Devibun's team can be encountered randomly anywhere.

Devibun on the Run
     - Find and Capture Devibun.
     - Devibun is a Rare Moga with 29% maximum capture rate.
     - Location: Devibun can be captured randomly anywhere.
     - Recommended Location: Windhym Flowerpit.

Robobunny Revenge
     - The Robobunny team can be encountered randomly anywhere.

Walking Eggshells
     - Find and defeat Rocoa's team.
     - Rocoa's team can be encountered randomly anywhere.

Battle for Spring
     - Osteros' team can be encountered randomly anywhere.

Capture Blumpty
     - Find and capture Blumpty.
     - Blumpty is a Super Rare Moga with 19% maximum capture rate.
     - Location: Blumpty can be captured randomly anywhere.

       Other Mogas encountered  can be obtained from the Sky Shop.

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