Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Playdom's Online Game

Online Game: 
Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers
- Publisher: Playdom
- Facebook Game Application
- Hidden Objects / Role Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

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Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers' Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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- Gameplay -

Disney Animal Kingdom Explorers - Facebook Game Description
       Inspired by the most popular animal park in the Universe, Disney Social
Games presents a brand new Hidden Object Game for Facebook.

       Animal Kingdom Explorers invites you to join a team of globe-trotting
wildlife experts on nature’s ultimate quest. Join Global Wildlife Research team
members as they guide you through exotic wilderness to preserve habitats, build
and grow your very own protective animal habitats, protect endangered species
and expose a cast of entertaining characters.
     - Locate hidden Animals and Items from around the world.
     - Create and nurture your own animal habitats!
     - Experience the beauty and value of nature!
     - Save the Animals! Explore with Friends! See the World!

- Battle Play -
       Your aim is to find all hidden objects and animals asked by clicking them in the scenes.

       Can't find an object?, Use Hints to instantly help you! The game offers a very good set of
help hints to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of animals around the world. Play again and practice with the objects and animals to be found and to increase your number of golden leaves of mastery for that scene!

       Battle with your friends and show off your High Scores by completing all the scenes in
seconds! You can also challenge your friends to see who is the better animal expert!

Total Scores are based on:
     - Base Score - Number of Objects Found
     - Chain Bonus - Chain Combos
     - Time Bonus- Time of Completion
     - Skill Bonus - No Hints USED!

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