Ravenskye City Farming, Crops, and Plots Guide

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       Farming is a very good way to gain more Coins, XP and crafting materials in Ravenskye
City. Refer to this guide to learn how to farm effectively by reducing excess movements and choosing the appropriate crops for your game time.
- Plots or Farmlands -

     - Place farmlands in your city to start planting crops.
     - Buy a Farmland at the Skye Shop > Farming > Plots (it's kinda pricey though).
     - Some quests will reward you free Farmlands for your city. Check your storage.
     - To use those farmlands, go to your Storage (lower right corner) then Farming tab.

Moving Plots
     - After the Awakening Stone tutorial, you will notice that you now have 2 plots placed
in your city by default. Move them close to each other to reduce the time you need when
planting and harvesting crops. Refer to the screenshot above this guide.

- Crops -

Buying Crops
     - Go to the Skye Shop > Farming > Crops tab to buy crops.
     - Each crop has their own harvest time, time before spoil, and bonuses.

     - Unlike the other crops, Skyeberries and Awakening Stone Bushes will not wither or
spoil. Skyberries are your best choice if you don't play much.

     - Plant crops that suits your gameplay but be aware that some crops will wither.
     - Example: Aranberries will take 1 hour before you can harvest them. After an hour, they will start to wither after 2 hours! Spoiled crops will produce lower bonuses than usual.

Awakening Stone Bush
     - Used for reviving totems. Plant them only if needed.

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