Ravenskye City: Gift System, Getting the Most Out of It

       Ravenskye City's Gift System is a very friendly method that everyone can enjoy to speed
up their game experience! Refer here to learn how to request or send game items and how to help friends using the gift system or share feeds. Good luck playing your favorite online browser game.
- Server Reset Time -
       As a start, keep in mid that everything restarts at server time. To identify if your game
hits the server time, refresh your game and check if you can receive the daily log-in bonus.
If yes, then you are ready to do all the methods below!

- The Gift System -

Sending Game Items
     - Send a free gift to your friends by clicking the "Free Gifts!" tab above your game screen.
     - Refer to the screenshot above this guide to view some gifts that you can send.
     - Send gifts to your friends to get free gifts from your friends!
     - You can only send 1 gift per friend per server time.

Asking Game Items
     - If you are short on game items, you can always ask your friends by posting game feeds
in your wall. Look for the "Ask Friends" button to request game items.
     - Sample locations of "Ask Friends": In the Shop or when you are about to complete your
buildings. Note that, some items can't be requested.
     - Ask Energy items by clearing our your energy bar then clicking on any game object that
requires energy. A new window will pop up giving you the chance to ask energy items.

       You can share unlimited number of request feeds by refreshing the game then clicking
the "Ask Friends" again. Do not over do it though because it might look spammy.

Accepting and Sending More Gifts!
       Now that you have done all the requests and asking your friends with spammy feeds,
("hehehe" XD) it is now your turn to give back the favor.
     - Click the "Messages" tab to check all the requests from your friends.
     - Accept all gifts and don't forget to send a gift back to your friends!
     - Ravenskye City's Gift System is so friendly and easy to use by just using simple clicks!

     - Keep the cycle going to gain active players. The more the merrier!

Helping Friends!
     - Here are some example feeds that you can check in your wall or in your friend's wall.
     - Click the "Help Me" link to help your friends.
     - You can give up to 5 items per friend per server time.
     - This is a great method to gain more game items because your friends can also send the
item back to you as a reward for helping them!

       To accept all the game items from your friends, check your "Messages" tab again. Then
Munnin - the raven will appear and notify you that the items are now in your storage.

       If you can get the most out of this gifting system, you can go through the game without
any shortage of game items! Gain more friends to gain more!

     - To add more friends, refer here: Ravenskye City: How to Add Friends

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