Ravenskye City Totems and Defense Guide

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       Totems are your main defense or protection from monsters around Ravenskye City. Use
them to your advantage to easily defeat your enemies and gain more bonuses. You can also conserve your energy if you can place and activate your totems at the right time. Read more to learn more.
- The Totems -

Kinds of Totems
     - NPC (Non-Player Character) Totems:
     - Totems that you can talk to or totems that gives various quests.
     - To unlock them, increase your level and finish all totem-related quests.
     - Revive ruined totems by using your Awakening Stones and other materials.
     - They have a wider range and longer duration.
     - Non-NPC Totems
     - Totems that can be bought at the Skye shop > Totems tab.
     - Increase your level and City Rank to unlock higher tier totems.
     - They have smaller range and shorter duration compared to NPC Totems.

- Moving and Activating -

       Totems will attack monsters if they are in range. Make sure you have plenty of totems
to protect your city. Totems require 1 energy per recharge.
     - Before moving your totems, check if they are inactive (refer to the above pic).
     - If yes, put them near vines and rocks before recharging to use their full potential.

     - Now, recharge the totem and clear vines and rocks around it.
     - If a monster pops out, let the totem do it's job for you.

       As you progress through the game, vines will randomly grow back in your city. Even a
cleared area with buildings is not safe from these vines! clearing them out again is bit of a hassle. Refer below for some tips you might want to do:

     - Leave them alone if you don't mind or use them as decorations.

     - Cover the area with decorations like pathways to hinder the vines.
     - Sample decorations from the Skye Shop > Decorations Tab > Paths Tab
     - Don't worry, you can still build or move buildings and decorations on top of them.
     - Plus, you can get great number of  Rank points.

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