MapleStory Adventures: Home Space Guide

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       MapleStory Adventures has been updated to a new version! Players now have their own
Home space that can be visited by clicking the Home icon. Read more to learn what new features player's can enjoy!
- Home -
         To access your Home from the World Map, click the Home button below.
Here are some new things that you can do in your Home:

Reactors (objects that are clickable)
     - Harvest reactors for EXP, Gold, and Collection items.
     - New Collections have been added for the Home reactors.

     - Clear flowers, beanstalks, grasses, leaves, peaches, trays, boxes and more.
     - Trade in your collections for more Gold, Energy, EXP, and items!

Visit Your Friend’s Home
     - When you are Home, the “Hire” button on the friend bar becomes the “Visit” button.

     - Visit your friend’s Home and harvest their reactors for EXP, Gold, and Heart XP.
     - You can also collect collection items by clearing your neighbor's reactors.

     - Spend all your Help Points on your neighbor's home to claim more Coins and Energy!

Maple Mailbox
     - Claim your Daily Bonus/Friend Gifts at the Maple Mailbox.

Crafting and Enchanting
     - Craft recipes with Yulete. Refer here: How to Craft Items and Complete Quests
     - Enchant equipment with Alberich. Refer here: Gear Enchantment Guide
       Yulete and Alberich have been removed from the towns. All Crafting and Enchanting is
now done in your Home.

Storage NEW!
     - Dondlass is the man if you are looking for storage.
     - Store items here and share them with your other characters!

Game Update: Home Decoration!
     - Spruce up your Home with new decorative items.
     - Click on the Build button (hammer like icon) to start decorating your HOME!

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