Wild Ones: Pets with Chow Guide

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       Almost all pets can be played without limitations, examples are pets that can be bought
by Coins. While some pets are limited mainly because they have an exceptional stats making the game imbalanced. Learn more below.
- What is Chow? -
     - Chow is like limiter. They limit overpowered Pets to prevent imbalance in the game.
     - You need to feed your Pets to be able to use them multiple times.

Example Pet: Super Skunk
     - Base Stats: 100% Health and Jump; 80% Speed and Power.
     - Pet Skill: Spray (Poison Cloud)
     - 200 base damage plus 450 (45 base damage for every 2 seconds over time).
     - The damage over time is highly dependent to the Pet's Power and Accessories.

- Chow Level -
     - Chow Level will decrease by 25 every time you enter a battle.
     - To refill your Chow Level, go to your Pet's Kitchen Tab and use your Chow.
     - You can also get a stackable 100 Chow after every level.
     - Chow Level will regenerate 1/100 Chow every 3 minutes.

     - For cash users, you may refill your Chow Level with Treats.

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