Mafia Wars 2: Enemy Nearby! Solution

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       Can't complete missions because of the "Enemy Nearby!" notification? Read more here to
learn how to solve this issue! This is not a Mafia Wars 2 game bug but they can be annoying sometimes because they can take away some energy from you.
- Enemy Nearby! -

     - Objects related to missions can't be completed if there is an enemy nearby.
     - You will get the "Enemy Nearby!" notification in the object's bar.
     - You have to get rid of the enemy first before continuing on to your mission.

     - To do this, put your mouse cursor over the object and look for a highlighted enemy
nearby. Refer to the screenshot above or below this guide, your target is the one highlighted with red color.
     - Alternatively, if you don't want to kill those guys, you can refresh the page and hope
that there will be no enemy NPCs near the object after loading the game.

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