Mafia Wars 2: How to Upgrade Buildings

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       Having trouble upgrading your buildings? Here is a simple guide to help you out! Read
more to learn how to complete the upgrade requirements to be able to increase the production or effects of your favorite buildings. Good luck!
- Upgrading Buildings -

Buildings Requirements
     - Before you can upgrade anything, you must have a building first!
     - Purchase a building from the marketplace or get them from mission rewards.

     - Free space at your Home turf.
     - Increasing the size of your home turf will allow you to build more buildings.
     - Expand your turf using the Street Cred you earned.

     - More buildings will become available after certain missions or character level.

Upgrading Buildings

     - Early game, you will be given the chance to upgrade your Weapon Shop and Bank.

How to Upgrade Buildings

     - Always check for the upgrade icons around your turf.
     - You can only upgrade buildings that have upgrade icons above it.
     - Click the building to access the upgrade window and to view more information.
       Now the windows shows the current level of the building, increment of the building's
effect after upgrading and the number of friends you need to fill up to complete the building's
staff members.

     - Click on > > Hire Friends> below the upgrade window to start staffing your building.
     - For the screenshot above, you will need 5 staff members to upgrade the building from
level 2 to level 3.
     - For level 1 buildings, you will need 3 staff members.

     - Wait for your friends to accept your invitation.
     - After accepting your invitation, your friend's portrait will occupy the blank portraits.

     - Alternatively, you can also use your Gold bars (real-cash) to automatically fill the slots.
     - Free-users or non-real cash users have a limited free Gold bars so it's really up to you
if you want to spend them for upgrades.

     - After completing the requirements, click on > > Complete> to finish the building now!

Upgrade with Cash
     - Come buildings will just require you some cash to upgrade.
     - Here is a sample building.
More Upgrade Requirements
     - Some buildings will also require you to get materials from your friends.
     - Just ask your friends to gift you the materials.
      - Ask your friends to also respond to your Mafia Wars 2 shared request feeds.

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