Mafia Wars 2: Boss Fight and Arena Battle Guide

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       Refer to this guide to learn how to manipulate your character around different kinds of
enemies while learning some cool information about your opponents then turning them all into your advantage. Show your enemies that you are a force to be reckoned with!
- Fighting Rivals and NPCs! -

     - You can encounter lots of Rivals by entering arenas like the Bone Yard.
     - NPC enemies can be encountered all over Sin City!

The Bones on Portraits?
     - The bones that you can see on your opponent's portrait will help you identify them from
your other opponents.
     - 1 Bone: This player recently have a below average number of win streak.
     - 2 Bones: This player recently have an average number of win streak.
     - Skull n Bones: This player recently have a good number of win streak.

     - Likely, the weakest will be a lower leveled player than you with 1 bone on their portrait.
     - Likely, the strongest will be a higher leveled player than you with a skill on their portrait.
     - Refresh the game to spawn more targets in the Arena!
     - When you are in a place around Sin City, all NPC's level are not visible.
     - You have to point your mouse cursor over your target to reveal their levels.
     - All non-boss NPC enemies will have 1 bone on their portrait.

Battle Outcomes

     - Since you will always be the first hitter, you will have a great advantage!
     - Results will be greatly dependent to your character's gears, stats, current level or health
and power ups!
     - Refer here for more stats info: Mafia Wars 2: Character Stats Guide

       When you win a fight and wanna rob the guy's turf, click on their portrait and select
"Rob". Click on a rival's portrait to visit their territory. Before you can rob them though, you have to defeat them in their territory.
     - Refer here for more robbing info: Mafia Wars 2: How to Rob Rivals

Losing Fights
     - Losing fights drains health and you can't fight if you run out. Gain health by winning
fights or replenishing with the plus button next to the heart icon.
     - At the Arena, if you lose a fight, your opponent will run away!
     - If you want to review your previous fight, click the icon similar to the above pic.

- Boss Fights! -

     - Boss Fights can be encountered every after completing the required set of missions in
a place at the Sin City.

     - Boss NPCs will have a horned skull with crossed bones.
     - Get ready because Boss NPCs can really kick your ass if you are not well prepared!

Defeating Boss NPCs

       Just like the above sample, fight results will be greatly dependent to your character's
gears, stats, current level or health and power ups!

     - Get your best gears around Sin City!
     - Power-ups can really swing a fight. Try it!
     - Your level should be close or above the boss' level for better results.
     - Heal Up! then continue the fight!
     - Ask your friends to help you! If someone clicked your feed (refer above sample feed),
your friend will be taken to your turf. See screenshot below (from friend's game screen).
     - After giving the feed, exit the game for a while to get enough help from friends.

     - Return to the game and enter the boss fight again.
     - If someone helped you, there will be a list above a fist icon.
     - The list contains friends that helped you along with the total damage they dealt.
     - Click on the Fist icon to unleash your friend's attacks on the boss!

     - Sometimes, you will need to defeat bodyguards or underlings first before you can
actually use your friend's attacks and kill the boss.

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