Mafia Wars 2 Collections Guide

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       Refer here to learn how to complete your collections and get some free game items and
power-ups! Refer to the screenshot below to locate where to start and view some available sets of collections. Go to your inventory the collection tab to trade your hard earned items!
- Collections Guide -

     - You can only trade in complete collections!
     - After trading in the items, they will disappear but you will get some cool items that you
can use or place on your home turf.
     - You can claim different items per collection, depends on the number of trade ins.
     - You will be able to unlock and complete more collections by leveling up!

Where to get the required items?
     - Put your Mouse over the required items or images to learn where to get them.
     - Some locations might be new or unfamiliar to you but just ignore them and focus on
completing collections that you can reach in your current level or point in the game.

- Location Sets and How to Get Them -

     - Keep in mind that you can get items randomly, greatly depends on luck!

Items from Locations
     - example: Perform actions in (Name of Place Here).
     - Map > Sin City > Select a Location.
     - Go to that particular place and perform any actions that will take some of your energy.
     - Interacting with NPCs, fighting NPCs, Interacting with game objects like buildings, phone
booths, trash cans and more as long that they require some energy will work, even without
any active missions.

Items from Arenas
     - example: Win Fights in the (Name of Place here):
     - Map > Arenas > Select an Arena.
     - Go to that Arena and win some fights!
     - So far, you can only get some items after the last blow on your enemy.
     - Refer here for more info: Mafia Wars 2: Boss Fight and Arena Battle Guide

Items from Quests or Missions
     - example: Complete Side Quests:
     - Compete side missions by accepting non-story missions around Sin City.
     - Item can be randomly received right after the "Missions Complete" notification pops
above your character's head.

Items from Turfs
     - example: Rob players on their turf:
     - Rob your rival's buildings and workers to get collection items.
     - Refer here: Mafia Wars 2: How to Rob Rivals

     - example: Perform actions on a friend's turf:
     - Visit your friends and help them by harvesting their buildings or workers.
     - Revive dead workers or repair your friend's buildings.
     - Fighting off robbers or boss NPCs from your friend's turf.
     - and more!

Items from NPCs
     - example: Defeat Bosses:
     - This one is hard because Boss NPCs are very limited in game.
     - Follow the story line missions until you encounter one.
     - You can also check your friend's shared feeds particularly the one that will let you
help your friends defeat bosses.

    - example: Collect from Workers:
    - Works from your turf or from your friend's turf!

Items from Buildings
     - example: Collect from (Type of Building Here) Buildings:
     - Note that you can only get items from specific buildings!
     - Works from your turf or from your friend's turf!
     - To get an idea about the types of buildings, go to the marketplace and view tabs in
the Buildings section.

Items from Objects
     - example: Perform Actions on (Object Here):
     - Note that you can only get items from specific objects!
     - If you can't find that object in your home turf, go to other places around Sin City
and look for that object.

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