Monster Galaxy: How to Capture Powerbear

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       Powerbear is a limited Moga that you can only capture in Monster Galaxy during or after
Halloween Event (November). Around this time, you will automatically encounter Fredric with his cool looking Moga when you enter the game.
- How to Capture Powerbear-

     Tamer! Fredric requires your services! Fredric returned on an urgent quest to help his
former comrades in the afterlife. Tragically, they have lost their way to the next life!

     - Fredric believes that Jack O' Lanterns can be used to guide his comrades' spirits who
get lost in the afterlife. Help him acquire fifteen pumpkins to create the lanterns to guide the spirits to their destinations.

Pumpkin Hunt Week 1
     - Fredric needs 15 pumpkins to help his comrades find their way in the afterlife.

     - Get Pumpkins from the event's team fights! Search for them anywhere in the maps!
     - Defeat Powerbear's team to get 1 Pumpkin.
     - Share your Pumpkin loots to help your friends too.

     - Alternatively, you can also collect Pumpkins from your Friends through shared feeds.
     - Refer to the sample shared feed below.
     - Click on "Click For Free Pumpkin" to get 1 free Pumpkin from your friend!
     - After completing 15 pumpkins, turn your event quest for a reward.

     - Powerbear will now become available in the wilds!

     - Powerbear is an Epic Moga with only 9% Maximum Capture Rate!
     - Be aware of it's Stoneskin Ability because it can disrupt and lower your capture rate!

     - You can randomly find Powerbear anywhere in the map. Just enter any place and run if
you don't encounter him. Good luck!

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