Mafia Wars 2 - Zynga's Online Game

Online Game: Mafia Wars 2
- Publisher: Zynga
- Google+ Game Application
- Virtual World-Simulation / Role
Playing Game / Online Browser Based Social Game

       Refer below to learn more about Mafia Wars 2's Gameplay and Battle Play Features.
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       Being bad never felt so good. Mafia Wars 2 is Zynga's new Action Role Playing browser
game available on Facebook and Google+!

       After spending 5 years in prison, you will be given a new start, new clothes and even a
new identity. The only question is... What's it gonna be?
      Create and customize your character with weapons, armors, vehicles and style! Create
your own home turf around Las Vegas and use any means necessary to get back on your feet
and get your sweet revenge!
     - Create your home turf.
     - Invite crews and and challenge rivals.
     - Complete countless story line and side missions.
     - Explore the Arenas and Locations around Sin City!

- Battle Play -

       Fighting is a great way to earn experience, cash, loot, and bragging rights.
       Mafia Wars 2 has a simple battle concept but offers a new stats based damage, defense
and even luck! Low leveled players will have a chance to repel or defeat higher leveled players!

       Fighting in Mafia Wars 2 is like doing any other interaction in the game. Simply click on
the enemy you want to attack. Battles are turn based, one chance to attack for one chance
to get damage.
       Your total stats from weapons, armors, vehicles, power-ups and more will determine your
battle results. Stats greatly affects how much damage you can deal to your opponents, how
well you can resist a single blow from your opponents, as well as your chance to overkill your
enemies with critical hits and high dexterity or accuracy.


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