The Sims Social: Where is the Telescope?

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     It looks like this question has been asked numerous times by gamers playing The Sims
Social on Facebook. Even my message inbox is full of it. To help you all in an easier way, this guide will walk you through the game and show you how and where to buy the telescope.
- The Telescope -

     - Enter the game and access the Shop. refer below for the Shop icon.
     - By default, you will be taken to the Shop tab.
      - Now, browse the icons and look for the "Misc" icon. Put your mouse over the icons
to show the name labels.
     - Click on the Misc icon to buy the Telescope (750 Simoleons).
     - Click on an empty space in your room or lot to place the telescope.

     - The hammer icon in the telescope's portrait indicates that, you have to complete
another set of requirements to complete the equipment itself after purchasing.

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