Angry Birds Chrome: Angry Bird's Abilities Guide

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       Here is a list of different kinds of Angry Birds available in the game (chrome version).
Learn how to use your angry birds' unique abilities and play them all along with your clever plans. Good luck playing your fave action and arcade game on Facebook or Google+!
- Abilities -

       TIP: To activate abilities, click your left mouse button on the game screen after releasing
your Angry Birds into the sky.

Red Angry Birds
     - Ability: None - Releases a bigger cloud or smoke puff in the air.

Blue Angry Birds
     - Ability: Scatter Shot Attacks- Replicates itself in the air destroying a wide random area.
     - If activated far from the target, it's attack range will become wider.
     - If activated almost near the target, attacks will be more concentrated in the area.
     - Useful for targeting easy objects like glass or TNTs.

Yellow Angry Birds
     - Ability: Dash Attacks - Dives into the target with brute force.
     - If activated sooner = it will dash higher and further.
     - Useful for targeting sheltered enemies inside walls or blocks of wood/glass.

Black Angry Birds
     - Ability: Bomb Attacks
     - It is recommended to use it's ability on or after impact for better results.
     - Useful for clearing walls and blocks and exposing sheltered enemies.

White Angry Birds
     - Ability: Bomb Attacks
     - Similar to black Angry Birds, but white ones can only drop overhead bombs.
     - If activated almost near the target, their is a chance that this angry bird will rebound
into a wall or object. The target must have a lower height than the wall or object stated.
     - Useful for clearing walls and blocks and exposing sheltered enemies.

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