Monster Galaxy: Where and How to Capture Hanzo

       Finally! The most awaited Hanzo is here! Hanzo is one of the famous signature of Monster Galaxy and also one of coolest looking Moga in the game. Continue reading on to find out where and how to get this Legendary Moga in Monster Galaxy.

- Requirements -

     - Cleared Pueblonia Map (reached Cortex Shell)
     - Must have Nova's Permission

       If you have fulfilled the above requirements, you should automatically get Nova's Quest
Information: "Tame Hanzo". Refer to the below quest screenshot. Yeah it looks like you need to capture 10 Hanzos to complete this quest. Good luck!
       After completing the quest, you might want to evolve 5 Hanzo into Hattori!
     - TIP!: If you want to get Hattori and Hanzo, just tame 6 Hanzos in the wilds.

- Tame Hanzo -
     - Can be encountered anywhere! From West Summer Road to Cortex Shell.

Hanzo's Stats and Information
     - Attacker Type Moga
     - Special Skill: Poison
     - Random Special Attack: Healing Shield
     - Legendary - 4% Maximum Capture Rate

     - Use Lvl 30 + Moga/s for Non-Cash Users to be able to capture Hanzo.
     - Hunt Hanzo at Sunshire Map to avoid powerful Mogas like the ones at the Cortex Shell,
because if you failed to run from them, you'll get your Mogas injured big time! Don't worry, Hanzo will still be at Lvl 30 even if you hunt them at Sunshire map.

     - Tank type Mogas can greatly withstand Hanzo's attacks. Plus, you can conserve your
HP potions and Coffees while attempting to capture Hanzo.

     - You can still continue the quest even if you failed to capture Hanzo or you ran away.

Update! NEW!
     - Hanzo is also available at the Cortex Shell even without the Hanzo Quest!
     - If you want a Lvl 35 Hanzo, go and capture one at the Cortex Shell.

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