The Sims Social: How to Get Skill Ingredients or Parts

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       Refer here to learn how to achieve tasks and how to unlock your equipment's skill levels
by gathering all required ingredients. Completing tasks and levels from your skill equipments will reward you lifetime points which you can use for purchasing Sim traits.
- Skill Equipments and Tasks -

How to Upgrade your Skills
     - examples:
     - Click on your PC > Write; Microwave > Prepare; Guitar > Compose; Easel > Paint;

     - It doesn't matter which one to upgrade, it is better to purchase and upgrade them all to
get lots of Lifetime Points.

How to Purchase Skill Equipments
     - Click on Shop and look for the Skill icon. Refer to the pic above for sample equipments.
     - A Hammer icon indicates that you have to complete another set of requirements to
complete the equipment itself after purchasing.

     - Whenever you unlock a new skill object, it is a good idea to purchase and concentrate to that new object by finishing it's skill levels. This way, the new skill object will prevent you from getting stuck when you don’t have the parts needed to unlock the skill levels of your other objects.

How to Ask Ingredients from your Friends.
     - Almost all ingredients required in the game can be asked from your friends.
     - Since you can't find any "Ask Friend" button (refer to the screenshot above), just click
on Unlock button to access it.

- Ingredients or Parts -

TIP: All ingredients below are totally luck based. You might need to repeat an action
multiple times to gain one. Good luck!

For Crafting Ingredients, refer here: The Sims Social: How to Get Crafting Ingredients or Parts

Buzz, Entertainment and Relaxation
     - Fulfill fun need for chance to collect.

Delicious Morsel, Leftovers and Nutty-Snack Bar
     - Fulfill hunger needs for chance to collect.

Dreams, Nightcap and Soft Pillow
     - Fulfill sleep needs for chance to collect.

Rubber Duckie, Soapsuds and Sponge
     - Fulfill hygiene needs for chance to collect.

     - Do mean social actions for chance to collect.

     - Do friendly social actions for chance to collect.

     - Do romantic social actions for chance to collect.

     - Gossip with other Sims for chance to collect

Coffee Bean
     - Cater coffee for chance to collect.

Guitar Pick, Guitar Amp and Guitar String
     - Compose music on guitar for chance to collect.

Sheet Music, Metronome and Groove
     - Compose music on keyboard-piano for chance to collect.

     - Write for chance to collect.

     - Write or cater for chance to collect.

     - Write on Personal Computers for chance to collect.

Paint and Ruler
    - Do art skills for chance to collect.

     - Do art or music skills for chance to collect.

     - Paint on Sketch Dashboards for chance to collect.

Cloth, Duster and Rubber Glove
     - Clean items for chance to collect.

Hammer, Nails, Wrench and Power Drill
     - Repair items for chance to collect.

     - Harvest plants; cut/clear weeds or grass for chance to collect.

Pinewood and Tree Sapling
     - Harvest trees for chance to collect.

     - Harvest from bushes for chance to collect.

     - Sit on a chair or couch and daydream for chance to collect.

Sharp Nails, Exotic Forest Wood and Outdoor Hammer
     - Choose action "Call for Supplies" on your phone for chance to collect.

     - Have a "Philosophical Debate" with a Sim for chance to collect.

     - Once a player has finished and shared the bonus from building an object,
player's friends can collect Bling from his or her post.

     - Items not listed here can only be obtained by asking friends.

     - Some ingredients can also be obtained by asking friend Sims. Options will be included
in the actions list. Grayed options means that you need to build more relationship with the Sim or you already have the required number of that ingredient.

     - Some ingredients can be randomly obtained from Daily Prizes. NEW!
     - To get all the items required from TASKS, you have to read the task description and
follow them to easily complete tasks.