MapleStory Adventures: Infinite Energy Tricks

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       Ever wonder how other players managed to reach the level cap so fast? Well here are some ideas that you can also use to level up faster. This is not a leveling guide but more on how to gather energy giving items to boost up your leveling experience.
- The Methods -

     - Basically, the more friends you have, the better.
     - More Energy > More Kills > More EXP
     - To get more friends, join the Discussion Board here: MSA Discussion Board
     - or simply comment up your invitations here at
     - If you don't want to add strangers into your Facebook account, it is recommended that
you create a new account solely for gaming.

     - Tricks here will still work even if you don't have a good number of active friends playing
MapleStory Adventures. The only drawback is that you'll level up slower.

       Leveling up to Lvl 25 is pretty straight forward. When you reach level 26, you might
want to consider the below methods to level up faster.

The Rotation
     - Spend all energies you have in your bag to claim up to 100 Energy from the new random
chance energy window NEW!
     - Spend them all in your favorite leveling areas. Refer below.
     - By now you should know why you need to level up on these places.
     - Refer here for more information: MapleStory Adventures Ultimate Leveling Guide

     - While doing all of this, you might want to start hiring friends to gain 5 Energy per hire.
     - Claiming Returning Hires will also work the same way.

     - Gather and turn in collections in your leveling area to gain more energies.

     - When you are totally out of energy, attack any monster to open the request energy
window. Ask all your friends for free Lemons.

     - Talk to Yulete and Craft Mystic Dew recipes. "Mystic Dew I" is very ideal because you
only need Magic Stones to craft them. Claim and craft more when you have the time.

     - Go to your Home and visit all your friends. NEW!
     - Spend all your helping points for more EXP and Energy! NEW!

       All the steps above should suffice your leveling time. Depends on how many friends you
have. Repeat the steps above every time you log-in to the game.

Other Source of Energy Items
     - Random rewards from boxes. example: Green Apple, Hot Dog and Pot of Honey.
     - Obtained after reaching certain levels in your Heart Level.
     - Go to your Facebook Wall or your friend's Wall to claim shared bonuses. Click on
"Claim Item" to get random energy items.
     - Gift Energy items to your friends for a chance to get energy items from them.
     - Shop energy items (Cash users only).

The Energy Trick!

     - Must be around Lvl 50
     - The more friends you have, the better.
     - You haven't finished the quest: "Bon Appetit! Swampy Land 7" yet.
     - Refer to the screenshot above this guide for sample screenshot.
     - Watch out for this quest icon around Lvl 50 (range Lvl 48~52). Depends on how
fast you complete your quests (quests from Emily).
     - Remember, DO NOT complete this quest right away!

What You Should Do
     - Ask your friends and never use lemons until you get 999 lemons!
       Watch out for more similar quests too! Good luck!

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