The Sims Social: How to Get Crafting Ingredients or Parts

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       Here you can find information about crafting and how to complete every recipes. Crafted
items can give you extra bonuses to boost up your Sim without spending Energies or Simoleons. Learn how to craft your way through the game to gain more advantages.
- Crafting -

     - Crafting can give you some bonuses like Energy, Simoleons or XP.
     - You can also increase your Sim needs or alter mood by using crafted items.

     - To start crafting or to check your progress, look for the icon below in your game screen.
     - The Crafting Tab is a list of Recipes that you can craft.
     - The Backpack Tab is similar to your storage but it will only store ingredients or parts.

     - Start collecting green check marks by collecting ingredients for your recipes.
     - When your'e done, click on CRAFT! to claim your item!
     - To use acquired items, go to Craft > Backpack.

- Crafting Recipes -

+5 Energy -  Replenish 5 Energy

Fun Potion - Instantly boost Fun

Magic Soap - Instantly boost Hygiene

Good Night’s Sleep - Instantly satisfy Sleep

Insta-Snack - Instantly satisfy Hunger

Inspired Potion - Instantly become Inspired!

Bad Mood Potion - Instantly have a Bad Mood

Repair Collection - Gain 200 Simoleons and 50 XP

Cleaning Collection - Gain 150 Simoleons and 3 Energy

- Crafting Ingredients or Parts -

TIP: All ingredients below are totally luck based. You might need to repeat an action
multiple times to gain one. Good luck!

Buzz, Entertainment and Relaxation
     - Fulfill fun need for chance to collect.
     - examples: Painting > Paint for Fun; Guitar > Play For Fun.
     - PC > Browse the Web/Play Games.

Cloth, Duster and Rubber Glove
     - Clean items for chance to collect.
     - examples: Clean Basin/Toilet/Shower; Rummage your Trashcan.
     - Increase Art Skill (Painting); Mopping water puddles.

Delicious Morsel, Leftovers and Nutty-Snack Bar
     - Fulfill hunger needs for chance to collect.
     - examples: Refrigerator > Have a Snack; Microwave > Eat TV Dinner.

Dreams, Nightcap and Soft Pillow
     - Fulfill sleep needs for chance to collect.
     - examples: Bed > Sleep/Nap/Make Bed.

     - Do mean social actions for chance to collect.
     - Just choose negative actions when interacting with friends.
     - Negative actions from Traits also helps like the Ogre's Lvl 3 or 4 skill level.
     - example: Sim > Insult/Any form of Flirting and more; Guitar > Play For Fun/Compose.

     - Do friendly social actions for chance to collect.
     - Just choose positive actions when interacting with friends.
     - example:  Sim > Compliment/Joke Around/Break the Ice and more

Hammer, Nails and Wrench
     - Repair items for chance to collect.
     - examples: PC/Guitar/Microwave/Toilet/Basin/Shower/Painting Easel > Repair.

     - Do romantic social actions for chance to collect.
     - Mainly social actions with icons that have hearts in it.
     - Equipping the Good Kisser Trait will give you more success getting Loves.
     - examples: Sim > Flirt/Give Flowers/Confess Attraction/Romantic Kiss.

     - Do art & music skills for chance to collect.
     - examples: Increase Art Skill (Painting); Increase Music Skill (Composing).

Rubber DuckieSoapsuds, Sponge
     - Fulfill hygiene needs for chance to collect.
     - examples: Basin > Wash Hands/Brush Teeth; Shower > Take Shower.