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       Here is a list of Fashion Items that we can get for FREE by completing certain tasks and events in MapleStory Adventures. This guide will help MapleStory Adventurers complete their fashion or styling needs at ease. Fashion Item's names, locations and how to get them are listed below.
- Fashion Shop -

     - Check the SHOP for Non-Cash and Cash Fashion Items.

- Quest Rewards -

       Here is a list of quests that will give you Fashion Items as rewards.

 - O. Mushroom T-Shirt (Coat) - NPC: Bruce - The Road to Henesys
 - Complete: Archaeological Evidence and Restoring the Ancient Organism

 - Newspaper Cape (Cape) - NPC: Maya - The Hill West of Henesys II
 - Complete: Medicine for Mother and One More Favor

 - Mummy Wrap (Accessory) - NPC: Jane Doe - The Road South of Kerning City I
 - Complete: Bandage for the Soul and A Friendly Gesture

 - Beige Golashes (Shoes) - NPC: Ayan - West Street Corner of Perion I
 - Complete: Fellowship of the Firewood and A Traveling Companion?

 - Hajimaki (Hat) - NPC: Ryden - Stumpy Area
 - Complete: Ryden's Bluff and Walk the Talk

Honeybee Costume (Long Coat)- NPC: Flora the Fairy - Tree Rod Area
- Complete: Ruined Garden and Re-blooming Flowers

Hatched Bird Cap (Hat) - NPC: Lazy Daisy - Farm Near Middle Forest
- Complete: Annoying Errand and The Chickening

 - Zombie Mushroom Hat (Hat) - NPC: Wanted: Z.Mushroom - Z.Mushroom Area
 - Complete: Wanted: Z.Mushrooms and Wanted: Hunt 1 Zombie Mushmom.

 - Rainbow Tee (Coat) - NPC: Chris - Mithril Mutae Area
 - Complete: Train Repair and Lost Tools

 - Autumn Hat (Hat) - NPC: Winston - Primitive Boar Den
 - Complete: Protect the Artifact and Fire Boar BBQ

 - Yellow Nymph Wing (Cape) - NPC: Sec. of Domestic Affairs - Magic Fairy Area
 - Complete: Fairy Food and Turning a Blind Eye

 - Patissier Hat (Hat) - NPC: Tangyoon - The Swamp of Despair
 - Complete: The Best Spice? and Tasting the Greatness

- Collections (Boss Drops) -

     - You must first complete the required items to complete a collection.
     - You might need to hunt monster bosses repeatedly to complete them.

- Slime Hat (Hat) Royal King Slime Treasury
- Boss: King Slime - King Slime Area (Henesys)

 - Devil Wings (Cape) - A Black Knight Has Dark Secrets
 - Boss: Black Knight - Black Knight Area (Kerning)

- Blue Ribbon Shorts (Pants) - Royal Remains
- Boss: Grey Yeti and King Pepe - Grey Yeti and King Pepe Castle

- Woodsman Hat (Hat) - Stumpy's Deepest Fears
- Boss: Stumpy - Stumpy Area (Perion)

Green Leaf Overalls (Long Coat) - Tree Rod's Self Reflection
- Boss: Tree Rod - Tree Rod Area (Ellinia)

 - Star Beach Shorts (Pants) - Sandy Relics NEW!
 - Boss: Desert Giant - Desert Giant Area (Florina Beach)

- Slime Slippers (Shoes) - Mushmom's Lament
- Boss: Zombie Mushmom - Z. Mushroom Area (Henesys)

- Dual Blade Gloves (Gloves) - Mithril Mutae's Components
- Boss: Mithril Mutae - Mithril Mutae Area

 - Indian Hat w/ Hearts (Hat) - Primitive Boar Remain
 - Boss: Primitive Boar - Primitive Boar Den

  - Pink Sweater (Coat) - Fairy's Magic Ingredients
  - Boss: Magik Fierry - Magic Fairy Area

 - Red T-Shirt w/ Heart (Coat) - Mr Alli's Ginseng Bag
 - Boss: Mr. Alli - Mr.Alli Area

Brown Rocky Bandana (Hat) - Enraged Golem Artifacts NEW!
- Boss: Enraged Golem - Enraged Golem Temple

- Gift Boxes (Monster Drops) -

     - Getting Fashion Items from Boxes is purely luck based or measured in percentages.
     - Let's say to get one, the chances are around 10% ~ 5%.

- Box of "MAPLE" Letters - Moon Bunny Headgear, Paws, Costume and Gloves.
- Box of "STORY" Letters - Teddy Bear Headgear, Shoes, Costume and Gloves.

     - All Letters can be obtained from Returning Hires.

- Henesys Mystery Box - Baby Angel Wings (Cape)
- Henesys Treasure Box - Recycled Box (Long Coat)
- Box Drops: Henesys - Lvl 1~8 Maps
- Kerning Mystery Box - Blue Air H's (Shoes)
- Kerning City Treasure Box - Lined Hip-Hop Pants (Pants)
- Box Drops: Kerning City - Lvl 11~15 Maps
- Towering Mystery Box - Red Air H's (Shoes) NEW!
- Towering Treasure Box - Prisoner Pants (Pants) NEW!
- Box Drops: Sky Scraper - Lvl 16~18 Maps
- Perion Mystery Box - Leather Bandana (Accessory)
- Perion Treasure Box - Black Landcell Pack (Cape)
- Box Drops: Perion - Lvl 16~20 Maps
- Ellinia Mystery Box - Green Overalls (Long Coat)
- Ellinia Treasure Box - Yellow Rain Boots (Shoes)
- Box Drops: Ellinia - Lvl 21~25 Maps
- Sunny Mystery Box - Hawaiian Flower (Hat) NEW!
- Sunny Treasure Box - Baby Lupin Cape (Cape) NEW!
- Box Drops: Florina Beach - Lvl 26~30
- Mid Forest Mystery Box - Red Boxing Gloves (Gloves)
- Mid Forest Treasure Box - Orange Hooded Vest (Coat)
- Box Drops: Henesys - Lvl 26~30 Maps
- Subway Mystery Box -  Red Flight Headgear (Hat)
- Subway Treasure Box - Blue Star Cape (Cape)
- Box Drops: Kerning City - Lvl 31~35 Maps
- Dusty Mystery Box - Blue Chinese Undead Costume (Long Coat)
- Dusty Treasure Box - Brown Baseball Glove (Gloves)
- Box Drops: Perion - Lvl 36~40 Maps
- Tree Dungeon Mystery Box - Lightning T-Shirt (Coat)
- Tree Dungeon Treasure Box - Blue Pre-School Hat (Hat)
- Box Drops: Ellinia - Lvl 41~45 Maps
- Swampy Land Mystery Box - Pumpkin Headgear (Hat)
- Swampy Land Treasure Box - Bald Wig (Hat)
- Box Drops: Kerning - Lvl 46~50 Maps
- Golem's Temple Mystery Box - Straw Hat (Hat) NEW!
- Golem's Temple Treasure Box - Rock Chain Armlet (Gloves) NEW!
- Box Drops: Kerning - Lvl 51~55 Maps

- Shared Facebook Wall Feeds -

     - You can also get them from your friend's shared wall feeds.
     - Click on "Grab Item" to claim them. Be quick though before someone does...

- Other Fashion Items -

- Head-Warming Sprout - exclusive to close beta players.

- Event Only Fashion Items -

     - New quests will appear when a new event is active. Finish them to get your event only
fashion items. You can also get some random mystery boxes or items from event monster drops.
     - Example: Christmas Event Fashion Items

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